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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GH: Sonny & Carly Wed Again

On October 14, 2015, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) married again on"General Hospital". The long-term on and off couple said their "I dos" at the hospital chapel. Below are my thoughts about the wedding.

This was the couple's third attempt to get married in recent weeks. The first ended before it began as Carly was stood up before the ceremony. Sonny was shot in a mob plot using TJ as bait. TJ had Sonny and Carly's wedding cake, which was destroyed. Jake (Billy Miller) saved them both, but Sonny nearly died in the hospital. Everyone believed Carlos was to blame for Sonny's health, but it was actually Paul Hornsby. Once Sonny got a bit better, Sonny and Carly decided to wed in his hospital room, for the sake of keeping custody of baby Avery. During this ceremony, he fell ill with a seizure and had to have surgery. The aftermath caused Sonny to no longer be able to walk. Eventually he may be better, but it will take time. He wanted to move on without Carly, though she had none of that.

The wedding that took was a surprise to Carly. Their family was assembled in the chapel. Sonny in a wheelchair was given a tuxedo to change into, while Carly had a dress. Carly's youngest child, Josslyn, with a new face, as the character has been recast and slightly aged was there. Her mother Bobbie and brother Lucas stood up for her. All of Sonny's kids in town: Dante, Michael and Morgan were supporting their Dad. Kristina also was back from college to take part. The only non-family member there was Sabrina, though since she is pregnant with Michael's child, she would be family now. Due to their status as being related to Carly and Sonny respectively Lulu and Dante didn't stand on either side of the couple, but in the center making it look like a circle. Since Sonny is in a wheelchair, the ceremony was performed with the bride, groom and officiant all sitting. The ceremony was interrupted, but Dante didn't pick up his phone. The couple were officially wed, and everyone found out about Carlos being dead. This explained Sabrina being at the event as she was the person in town closest to Carlos. Before leaving, Sonny said he wanted to take Joss to Iowa to look at corn, which excited her. She also now calls him "Uncle Sonny", which is rather odd as he's her stepdad, but I'd prefer that to Dad as I'd be horrified if GH completely erased her father Jasper Jacks from the equation even if he is no longer in Port Charles.

We'll see how long Sonny and Carly's current marriage lasts. Since it is Sonny and Carly we can't rule out that they won't divorce again. As a viewer, I appreciated that we actually saw Carly interact with her mother and brother and that Kristina also appeared.

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