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Friday, October 2, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - September 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during September of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.
Peri gave birth to a female child. We haven't really seen the baby on screen and I'm uncertain of her name. Peri is living with Tom and his family at the moment. Peri hates Leela for lying about Cameron being responsible for Sam and Danny's deaths. It is understandable that Peri is upset as her biological parents kept the truth from her about her grandparents. Cameron is in prison now for the hit-and-run. To hold on to Ziggy, Leela faked a pregnancy Tegan helped though she wanted Ziggy for herself. After Leela was in a fire and "lost" the baby, Ziggy was devastated. Once Ziggy found out that Tegan helped Leela lie he ended it with Tegan again. Of course, the irony is that Leela has no idea how close she came to losing Ziggy to her sister again.

Sinead left town after finding out that Ste was unfaithful to her. Ste's been involved with Tony's son Harry, who is still in school and in the closet. Tony wanted to send Harry away as he wrongly believes that Harry is using drugs. Otherwise Tony also was forced to sponsor the Hollyoaks pride event after making negative gay comments, which were taped. It was nice to see Esther smile about this event as due to Kim's behavior they're done. Esther and Trevor are sharing baby Lucas, with Grace and Kim out of the picture. Kim continued her bad behavior, but targeted her sister Lindsay. Everyone forgot to invite Kim to Lindsay's birthday and she didn't call her sister. Also Lindsay admitted to Kim how she drowned their sister Kath, making Kim not responsible. Considering Kim has extreme issues, she would go after her sister.

Nico feels guilt over Carly's death and continues to lie. Patrick's health is getting worse and he may have to leave his job. Dylan's funeral took place, and he wore one of his favorite outfits: a dress. It took Dylan's death for Trevor to finally accept his son.

Nana decided to marry the man Derek who was abusive. Reenie shared her plight with her mother and admitted how Derek was Porsche's biological father. Derek raped Reenie even though he was her mother's partner. He died of COPD as the McQueen women didn't help him. They agreed to keep Porsche's paternity a secret. The sad thing is Reenie still doesn't believe that Pete was improper with Porsche. Pete is still sleeping with Cleo, but she feels guilty. She admitted to Peri about having a relationship and being the "other" woman. Cleo is either completely clueless or in denial about how she has being taken advantage of by her closest thing to a stepfather Pete. John Paul is still living with friends off screen and we barely see him. Mercedes is with the Roscoes and has "popped" being visibly pregnant with Joe's child.

Diane was hospitalized for being poisoned with blood thinners and the audience knows that Scott is responsible. As usual Diane blames Tegan. Scott set up a meeting between Tegan and Rose, but the little girl doesn't really remember her "mum". Since Ste believed that Diane's video footage contained Harry and Scott being intimate he erased the material, which saved Scott from being a suspect. At the end of the month, Scott flushed the blood thinners down the toilet.

Holly was thought to be giving the police evidence about Trevor. New character Ashley wanted to kill her and tried to force her to OD. Holly was rescued thankfully before she was hurt. No one knows that Robbie is "grassing" on them to Ben. Jason is still sniffing around Holly, but she's not into him. Holly and Robbie aren't dating even if he seems to be starting to care for his brother's former girlfriend.

We found out that Lisa isn't really "Lisa" and just a friend of the kidnapped girl named Sonia. We saw how Lisa was taken, and how Sonia and Lisa became friends. The real Lisa gave Sonia her necklace. Sonia's sister Jade came to town and was taken in by Jack after her foster home no longer wanted her. Zack was seriously injured by Sonia's pimp Wayne breaking his leg. The pimp tried to force Jade into the business, but due to the money Sonia provided let her go. Unfortunately he wanted be able to go to the Manchester United training camp as planned.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for September 2015. A lot of things happened in September, but I hope October brings the end of the serial killer story. With the program's 20th anniversary hopefully they do something fun for their special day.

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