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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - August 2015

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in August 2015.

Imogen and Daniel became a couple. She lost her virginity to him, and they were generally happy. Terese was a lot more accepting of their relationship than Brad. In a lot of ways, Daniel is a lot like her father Brad and they were able to bond. Amber discovered that Josh lied about being her female online friend. Josh and Amber barely interacted, as she wants nothing to do with him. Amber continued to work at the daycare center. He moved on to Courtney, who works at the Watering Hole. Josh continued to work as a stripper. Courtney spent the night at his family's house, causing awkwardness for his mother. Later, Courtney came with Josh to the campsite without knowing that Amber, Imogen and Paige would be there.

Amy went back to work with Kyle after an awful stint as Paul's assistant. Kyle set up a bouncy castle for an event that Naomi was responsible for, and later asked for it to be moved. This was against the warranty. A gust of wind came and the apparatus fell, Toadie dove in to find his little girl Nell. She was fine, but Toadie was paralyzed again. Naomi wanted to help, and was involved in a fundraiser for the family. Paul didn't want Naomi to suffer due to a simple mistake. Georgia returned to Erinsborough to break up with Kyle. She wasn't ready to resume their marriage, and wanted to explore new things. They are holding off on the divorce for now. 

Aaron was attacked by a random stranger, and Nate rescued him. Nate ran off and Aaron decided he needed to find his savior. Eventually Nate told Aaron the truth, but left due to being worried about having a PTSD episode. Sheila began dating the Brennan boys Dad and Naomi found him in the hot tub with her mother. 

Ben admitted to sexting, and sang a song. Karl got the wrong idea, and started a band with Ben. This was short-lived as they already broke up as Ben wants to be a solo artist. Susan is doing her best not to interfere in other people's lives. That being said, she tried to help Terese, but then started to be more on Brad's side. Terese is battling alcohol. She should be going to AA and is skipping meetings. Brad and Lauren are inching ever closer. The last day of the month, the Willis marriage is torn asunder as Brad and Lauren began to make love.

Those are the highlights for the month of August 2015. The last day of the month saw the deletion of Georgia from the opening credits and the addition of Jimmy and Amy to Kyle and Bossy's scene.

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