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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DAYS: Soap Stars in Other Places Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Many websites reblogged the story about migrants and refugees from Syria that features a "Days of Our Lives" fan. The approximately 18 minute video of the HBO program "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" shares a short interview with Noujain Musaffa, an EJ and Sami fan, and the actors also appear in character at the end of the vid. Below are my thoughts and a link.

While this isn't a political blog, I felt since there was a Days inclusion that made it worthwhile to post. Noujain is 16-years-old and loves her favorite couple. While I'm no longer that age, I know what it is like to be passionate about a duo. After everything she's gone through seeing her ship together again, should be a huge joy. Show me the viewer who misses a couple getting a chance to see them after not expecting to, and you see an emotional person regardless of their circumstances.

Anyway here is a copy of the embedded video.

I think it is great that Days was willing to do this as both Ali Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EJ) are both off the show. It was amusing how EJ came back from the dead for them to reunite. That being said since Sami is living outside of Salem, she could be with her former husband. One of my favorite parts is how John Oliver summarizes EJ and Sami's relationship, as it sounded like whomever wrote it actually is Team EJami or found the write person(people) to describe them from that POV. That being said, I'm glad they didn't discuss their entire story or else the video would have had to be a lot longer. I also liked that Noujain was mentioned by name in the video.

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