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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - November 1969

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of November 1969.

Martha bended to Nick's wishes and allowed Althea to change the filing system in the lab. The two women had been arguing causing issues at the hospital. Althea and Nick's marriage fell into more disarray. Since it is 1969, and marital rape isn't a thing, Nick forced himself on her. She then finally remembered things about her life. (For example, Althea called Maggie and remembered her number.) Althea went to Steve, but while he wants to help her, he doesn't want to get between the couple. Althea's mother also returned to Madison, to be there for her daughter. Of course, Althea going to Steve after what happened between Steve and Karen was ironic. Earlier in the month, Steve got a letter from Karen telling him of the birth of their son a few months earlier. 

Jody Lee was back, and C.C. Courtney's name was back in the credits. (I wonder if this happened as the head writer changed from Rick Edelstein to Ira Avery.) He and Liz had a date at her place. Carolee and Steve were still casually dating, and went to a place for coffee that included dancing hippies. They spoke about how they are between generations. Carolee got offered a promotion by Dr. Creighton and with everyone's encouragement took the job. At the end of the month, a party was held for Carolee, and Martha, Lou, and Anna were in attendance. They were allowed to drink champagne, and Matt gave her a gold pin. He has even started calling her Carolee instead of Ms. Simpson as he is no longer her boss. Carolee scared the student nurses, and wasn't sure how to handle her new position yet.

Mike was allowed to continue at the hospital even after an embellished version of events was printed in the newspaper. The guard had lied, but Mr. Grant went to talk to the board in Mike's defense. Mike now is on probation at work, though Julie delayed him to show a squirrel. Julie is now a candy stripper and with Mike's help wrote an article for the hospital newspaper. Off screen, Mike and Julie went to see an X-rated movie, since it was seen as no big deal by Matt and Maggie it probably was "Midnight Cowboy". 

Those were the highlights of November 1969. I wish they would have done more than just mention Thanksgiving in passing as I'd loved to see it. 

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