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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

B&B: Six Random Thoughts - September 2015

Here are six random thoughts I'm having about "The Bold and the Beautiful".

  1. Ridge proposed to Caroline, after he broke up with her. She got upset, mixed pills and alcohol and slept with Thomas. Whether or not there was true consent we don't know yet as the show faded to black. Two questions remain: will Caroline be pregnant and since Ridge had a vasectomy is Thomas the father? Also was Caroline a victim of date rape? 
  2. When are we going to see Maya's parents again? I can see not seeing Julius as he is estranged from both Nicole and Maya, but Vivienne is not. Eric even considers her family. 
  3. I hope we no longer have to hear the term "murder" in regards to Aly's death, not that I'm happy she's gone. I'd rather had Steffy injure Aly leaving her comatose. Other than Ivy not being able to use the term murder, and the show having a one-episode funeral, it wouldn't have changed anything.
  4. While it was nice to see overseas remote clips of Maya and Rick's honeymoon it was odd to just see that after they returned to LA. It was like watching a tourist music video and not a soap opera. (The only time I've seen something similar was on reruns of "Ryan's Hope" from the 70s.) I wanted to see their fun as it happened or at least had some scenes with dialogue.
  5. Zende and Nicole have potential as interns and a romantic couple. I wonder if either of them is also going to college. 
  6. Brooke is back working at Forrester. I wonder what her job is, as Rick is supposed to be in charge of international, and she isn't in the lab. I hope that's answered someday.
Those are my six current random thoughts about B&B. It feels like the show is starting up new things for autumn, while ending the plots from the summer season.

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