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Friday, September 4, 2015

GH: Silas's Death Resolved

On "General Hospital" this week, Silas Clay's (Michael Easton) murderer was discovered. Below are my thoughts on this development, so if you don't want to be spoiled stop reading.

Silas's former mother-in-law Madeline (Donna Mills) offed Silas, because he wouldn't sign paperwork to take money away from his ex-wife Nina (Michelle Stafford). Both Nina and her on-and-off beau, Franco (Roger Howarth) were in lockup for the crime. In court, Franco was defended by his father Scott (Kin Shriner) who gave up his job as district attorney, while Nina's attorney was Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Ava (Maura West) took a picture of Nina holding the murder weapon, while Franco said he was the killer. Under oath, Ava had to announce her identity was not Denise, as with the help of Obrecht (Kathleen Gatti), Scott proved she was lying. Ava is currently in trouble for her murder of Connie (Kelly Sullivan) two years ago.

Ric (Rick Hearst) was also arrested for the crime, but that was only so he'd be on the side of the cops. While he wanted to get the money from Nina, as the new district attorney, he wanted justice more. Madeline and Ric had an affair behind Nina's back and gaslighted her, which was all for naught. Ric got Madeline to confess everything while the cops listened. Madeline's nephew, who she raised as a son, Nathan (Ryan Paevey) figured it all out.

The last time Madeline left Port Charles it was to go to prison. She got out due to Ric's legal skills, but now it seems she's gone for good, as Donna Mills isn't on contract with the program. With GH's new writing team, we'll see what happens. Donna should be back on television as herself for season two of "Queens of Drama", sometime in 2016.

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Sarah Brooks said...

Yes I was surprised it was resolved so quickly!