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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Soap Stars in Other Places: Tattletales

Another episode of the game show "Tattletales" has been posted on YouTube. This is the final episode of the program that aired in 1984 on CBSDaytime. It included three soap opera pairs, who need not play an onscreen couple. Below are my thoughts on this episode.

This program was originally on CBS:  June 1, 1984, but recorded May of 1984. The show was replaced by "Body Language", which also had its reruns shown on GSN. For reference, I did another entry on "Tattletales" in 2013, but unfortunately two of the three of  links mentioned in that post are no longer available. If you are curious, check out that post here.

Here is an embedded version of the last episode, which was only put on YouTube on August 28, 2015.

The actors on this episode are from "As the World Turns", "Capitol", and "The Young and the Restless".  The performers were announced in this order: the Capitol actors are Todd Curtis (Jordy) and Marj Dusay (Myrna on that show, but also known for her work on many other soaps including Vanessa on "All My Children" and Alex on "Guiding Light"), the Y&R actors are Frank Bernard (Mark) and Marla Adams (Dina), and the ATWT actors are Scott Bryce (Craig) and Anne Sward (Lyla). They were sitting left to right, ATWT, Y&R and Capitol playing for the blue, yellow (banana), and red section audience members. 

The female performers stayed on stage first, while the males went backstage. The first question was about how would they react if a director asks them to do a love scene nude. The second was which of the guys would be best to fill in for Bert Convy who hosts the show. At halftime the score was $50 for ATWT and the others tied at $125. The men and women swapped places. The first question of the second part was interesting so I'm sharing the responses. The men had to answer was what do you think your costar would say was more responsible for the success of the show: the writers, the directors, or the actors. Marj said the writers, Todd said the actors, (no match), Anne and Scott matched with the actors, Frank said the actors, Marla said the writers (no match). Whose personal life is more likely to be a higher rated soap opera was the last. The winning teams total got an additional $1,000 to give to the audience.

Since the audience members win money, the actors weren't playing for charity. The actors obviously would have gotten an appearance fee. This episode was fun for what it is. If you like any of the actors involved you should check out the approximately 20 minute video.

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