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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - August 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during August of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Carly died as Sienna and Nico caught up with her. Everyone believes Trevor was responsible, but Nico hit her trying to break up the fight between Carly and Sienna. Maxine found out what Nico did also. Patrick nearly confessed to the crime to spare Nico. This is still up in the air. Since Patrick is dying, Maxine decided to live with her ex-husband so he gets as much time as possible with their daughter Minnie.

Sinead and Ste had sex, and the condom broke. Ste blamed himself as he worried that she may have been infected with HIV. Harry has feelings for Ste and they shared some kisses. Later in the month, Ste proposed to Sinead. Since Ste and John Paul are still married, this was a bit hasty. 

Nancy got the job as head teacher as John Paul didn't show up for his interview. The Loveday family didn't have much to do except that Louis was in charge of finding the new head teacher. He and Simone were interrupted when they were going to have sex. John Paul's affair with Lockie was discovered as was Lockie's sexcapades with Mercedes. A picture from Porsche's birthday party (which doubled for an engagement party for Pete and Reenie much to Porsche's frustration) had Mercedes and Lockie kissing in the background and when she went to confront her husband, she found John Paul. Porsche threw both John Paul and Mercedes out of the family house, which was totally ridiculous as it was theirs first. Lockie was relieved to find out that Joe was the father of Mercedes fetus, as he didn't want to be a Dad. Lindsay wasn't happy to find out that Mercedes was carrying her son's half-brother. After Cleo and Pete had sex without a condom, she got a day after pill. The brochure on it was left in her purse and the rest of the family found out, she had unprotected sex. Cleo lied and said Harry was involved to protect Pete. Reenie decided it was a good idea for Cleo to go on birth control. Celine and Cameron got closer, and she agreed to move in with him.

Diane passed out after her vitamin pills were switched. Tegan got out of lock up and Scott's part in the kidnapping was revealed. Diane told Scott he had to the end of the month to find somewhere else to live. Even with everything Scott still sees Diane like a mother. Tegan still wants a relationship with Rose, but Diane still continues to stop her. Of course, Tegan should try to see DeeDee as fair is fair. Either they should raise the kids collectively or each get one girl. Diane having custody of both is daft. 

Tom still wasn't happy over Peri giving up their child. He set up Nancy's account and contemplated emailing the video where Cameron admits to the deaths of Sam and Danny Lomax. When Peri admits to him, that she found out they were having a daughter accidentally, he forgives her. He decides not to send the video, but unfortunately didn't fully cancel the job. Ste and Harry went into the room and got hot and heavy. While taking off each other's clothes and kissing, they hit send on Tom's message. 

Jason nearly died in a fight with Robbie as he fell many feet away. Robbie left his brother in danger because their were drugs in the vehicle. Kim left town for a time as she was worried about Trevor wanting to get her. Thankfully Jason survived though his relationship with Holly may not as Robbie and Holly had sex while Jason was in the hospital. The drugs also caused problems for Dylan as he admitted to being a dealer to protect his Dad. Esther woke up from her heart attack and knew nothing of what was going on with Trevor, Grace, and Kim. The baby Curtis had been Frankie's care until he was returned to Trevor and Grace. Frankie called the boy Stefan Dennis (after her daughter, not the actor on "Neighbours" who plays Paul, yes this was mentioned on screen causing me giggles.) Kim returned in time to try and turn Esther against Trevor and Grace. They ran with Curtis, and got into a crash with the vehicle bringing Dylan to prison. Dylan had decided to be himself and went to the hearing in a dress. Regardless of what happened, Dylan knew he could count on Nico and their friends Tom and Peri. After the crash, Trevor and Dylan worked together to free Esther. The fire department arrived and everyone got out safely. An explosion happened causing Leela, who was there for her job, Dylan, Kim and Esther to be hospitalized. Grace finally told Esther the truth of how Kim drugged her to have baby Curtis early. The gloved hand killer offed Dylan.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for August 2015. The last episode of the month was insane. I laughed so hard over the idea of an email being sent because of classroom sex. 

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