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Friday, September 25, 2015

Days: The Murder Discovered

During the September 24, 2015 episode of "Days of Our Lives", the audience was shown the necktie killer. Below are my thoughts on this development and includes spoilers.

Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) is the killer. We saw him with neckties and tossing them in the trash. Ben and Abby (Kate Mansi) discussed eloping and leaving Salem together. Obviously, she has no idea that her fiance is a murderer and framing her former boyfriend Chad (Billy Flynn). I'm not exactly sure why Ben went after Serena (Melissa Archer). They didn't have a past as far as we were told. With Paige (True O'Brien), she admitted to knowing him from Florida. How she knew him wasn't really significant at least at the time it was mentioned. Hopefully this will be explained.

Ben going after Marlena (Deidre Hall) was strange, as it isn't as if Chad couldn't get another therapist to hypnotize him. Of course, that reasoning is too logical for Ben, and he struck at University Hospital. Thankfully, Marlena was found by Chad before Marlena was killed. She was attacked and needed to be hospitalized, but ended up being okay. When asked the President of the United States, she remembered, and of course when asked her age she didn't respond. That proved Marlena was truly herself.

The murders are supposed to continue. While I'm not sure how many others will die, I hope the murders make sense. I don't want random people who have no reason to be attacked to go away. Also, I have to wonder if Ben is really the biological to Abby's fetus. Usually soaps don't have a heroine have a child with a serial killer. Otherwise perhaps, she'll miscarry. Ben being the killer isn't too much of a shock, as he was a newer character and had a "bad history" off camera we didn't get any true details about. A part of me finds this funny as the hunky first male regular model on "The Price is Right" is a murderer, who left the game show gig for "Days".

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