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Saturday, December 17, 2011

ATWT: Bonus Christmas Episode

Soapclassics.com has a new bonus episode of As the World Turns posted. It is from December 24, 1982. Here is a summary and my thoughts on it, as this will only be up for a limited time.

The episode began with the opening credits and had full credits with a complete cast list. Margo (Margaret Colin) and Tom (Justin Deas) are together, and she is dressed for her work as a cop. Margo is obsessed with finding John's killer (later it is revealed he didn't die obviously as Larry Bryggman was on ATWT more than 20 years in the future.) Dee (Vicky Dawson) is a suspect, though Margo does not believe she is guilty. She tries to convince Lt. Savage (Lloyd Alan) otherwise, but is unsuccessful.

Ellen (Patricia Bruder), Lisa (Eileen Fulton) and Annie (Mary Lynn Blanks) are all together before the wedding. David calls Ellen and they mention how they love each other.

Barbara (Colleen Zenk) stops by Dee's place. She wants to see Paul. Later James (Anthony Herrera) calls Dee about his son. At this time, James and Dee are romantically involved. Dee calls Barbara to let her know she can come to see Paul. James' mother Greta (Joan Copeland) is fixing their Christmas tree. Ariel (Judith Blazer) is also there. Brian, who is off camera calls James, to tell him that the charges against James have been dropped. He calls Dee again with the good news. Barbara and Gunnar (Hugo Napier) are there, to see Paul (Elden Ratliff).

Bob (Don Hastings) gives gifts to Frannie (Helene Udy), his wife Miranda (Elaine Princi), and her daughter Bilan (Kathleen Rowe McAllen) . He got nightgowns for each of them that were modest. Bob bought another negligee for his wife.

At the church, Tom talks to Betsy (Meg Ryan). Carol (Rita McLaughlin Walter) is there and she interacts with her former husband Tom and her once mother-in-law Lisa. While she and Tom are divorced, they have a comfortable relationship. Kim (Kathryn Hays) and Betsy sit together.

Before the ceremony, David and Bob are talking while getting ready. They are pinning on boutonnieres. The altar boys come in lighting all the candles in the church while "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" plays in the background. Dee is Ellen's attendant as Annie is too pregnant with her quads to be standing for so long. The preacher knew them as he used to weed their garden. David and Ellen did traditional vows, which ended with a kiss and showing a candle lit Christmas tree, which would never be done now due to the fire hazard.

At the Hughes house, Bob introduced who was going to be making toasts to the happy couple: Chris (Don McLaughlin), Jeff (Robert Lipton), and Lisa. Lisa toasted to Betsy and Craig (who is off screen) upcoming marriage. It ended with David toasting the new family of Annie, Jeff and their new babies. The show ends with a cliffhanger as the cops have arrived to arrest Dee.

This head writers of ATWT at the time were Bridget and Jerome Dobson and Mary-Ellis Bunim was the executive producer. The show has full credits, and the cast is singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in character.

After the credits, something odd happens the show comes back on and Bob gives a speech about Christmas Eve. He talks about things like beauty and love and joy. He wishes everyone a blessed Christmas and there is a toast. I enjoyed this episode very much even if it was many years before I watched ATWT as it put me in a holiday mood.

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