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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - May 2017

Below are my thoughts for the May 2017 episodes of "Neighbours". Don't continue if you haven't seen it.

We found out how Toadie's brother Shane wasn't as successful as he claimed and took money from his sister-in-law Mishti to pay for the house and rent on Harold's. Shane paid money to get the family dog back with them.

David went out with a former ex of Chris, while Aaron watched. Aaron didn't think he was good enough for David with his failing business and losing his job with Toadie.

Toadie and Sonya's relationship got even more strained with her drinking. Sonya made a speech while drunk and was removed from being the mayor. Steph knew what was going on, but was powerless, which upset Toadie as she is is his best friend not Sonya's. Mark and Steph even tried to help hide the evidence, but didn't. Her spiral also included poker and the realization how she caused the accident at the backpacker's, which injured Piper and David. Piper continues to be in the cast, but David had no long term issues. Piper moved back in with her mother, but Terese decided to give Tyler a key to the house. Finn was tossed out after Terese realized things were bad between the Kennedy family and Finn. Leo stopped the poker game before Sonya lost everything and forfeited his cut. He got lowballed by Tim Collins, and considered a professional partnership with his father Paul.

Terese became jealous of Brooke and Gary and they broke up temporarily as Gary tried to help his ex with her daughter. Gary proposed to Terese and she said yes. Xanthe noticed the engagement ring at her 17th birthday party, which was a lot better than her 16th. Sheila told Brooke that she would always be family as her granddaughter's mother. Brooke went to Malaysia to be with her daughter Jessie.

Ben put his internship on hold and went back to school. His family realizes that Finn is causing problems with Elly and Susan, but have no proof. Xanthe has been unwittingly helping Finn, like getting him into the Kennedy house, where he changed Elly's grades.

Paige gave birth at the same place where she and Jack conceived - a shack in the woods. She, Susan, and Piper went to the woods. The baby was in breech position, and Susan was ill (being drugged by Finn), so Piper was the only one who could drive. She flagged Jack and Karl, as they had been gone too long. Paige was unconscious after her son was born.

Those were the highlights of "Neighbours" for May 2017. I'm very glad that Paige's baby is alive and Gary didn't cheat on Terese with Brooke.

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