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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - December 1973

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of December 1973.

Alan arrived at Hope Memorial, and started his job at the hospital. Matt said he would act like a senior resident for his nephew, which was extremely kind though showed much favoritism. We found out more about Margo, and how she was a clerk at a hotel looking for a wealthy guy when she found Alan. A guy she had fooled around with prior to her marriage was causing her grief, and wanted her again. Alan and Margo didn't speak over the holidays. Alan got his first patient thanks to Erich Aldrich. The little boy noticed something was wrong with Santa, and Steve brought him to the hospital. Mr. Benson, had heart problems, but it is still undetermined.

Nick went up to Greenville for Penny's sake, and Althea and Penny had to return to Madison. More tests were run and nothing was found. Penny wanted to reunite her mother and Nick, and resented Ann. While away, Althea expected John to move out of their apartment. He did not, but once she returned home, she discovered the audio recording of Nick and John's argument. Althea went out in a snowstorm and got into a car accident. No one knows about the location of the tape except it is missing from the audio player. Althea's health was in jeopardy as she has yet to wake up, Nick even called Carl Hendryx in for help. Nick wants to wait and see with medicine, while Carl thinks surgery would be best. Ann offered Penny a place in her home, as Mona has left town, but Penny prefers to stay with Nick. (Why she didn't stay with Maggie and Matt, I don't know.)  In the weird disturbing side, Penny had a fantasy about Nick and Althea getting remarried, both she and her mother were dressed in similar blue outfits. This made some of the earlier TD fantasies seem sane.

Toni discovered she was pregnant, after Carolee saw her faint. Due to the circumstances of the conception, Toni considered abortion. She told Maggie how she was raped, and didn't feel good about any of this. Maggie wasn't understanding. Alan confided in her about how Margo miscarried their child and he cried, while a POW. What made Toni decide to stay pregnant was spending time with Carolee and Stephanie at Christmas. (Unfortunately, Stephanie's birthday wasn't mentioned, Greta didn't spend time with Matt and Maggie together, and since Steve was working, he was with "Santa" not his family, and Billy was off screen.) Matt and Maggie were thrilled that Toni would have their grandchild, and discovered that Mike probably was a ship's doctor like Alan had suggested. Greta did get to interact with Toni, and they discussed baby names, we found out how Greta was named after Maggie, and those scenes were appreciated.

Lauri got an engagement ring from Hank for the holidays. They were happy, and she admitted that she was able to sing a little bit now. We also found out that Erich loves Lauri, as she's his favorite nurse. (It was rather surprising how much they used little Erich, but the child is adorable.)

Mona and Win left for Boston, deciding they would get married quickly as he would be going back to work as a doctor. Win and Carolee agreed that they would be family. Steve started working in private practice and celebrated by hanging out in Matt's office. He felt like he was leaving home, but is mainly only shown at home or Hope Memorial. Carolee didn't want Erich to give up on his belief in Santa. She got Billy to tell Erich that Santa exists and that he should believe his 14 year old brother over someone who was 6 years old that told him this on the school bus. Steve and Carolee's relationship was on track as he was more interested in her than dinner. Carolee took Erich to see Santa, and he realized something was wrong with him. He shared how he wanted a football outfit (with helmet and padding like Billy) and later Steve took the boy back and they found him ill. Mr. Benson's marriage was a mess, and his wife left him believing he was a drunk. He had lost his job as a truck driver, and was playing Santa to make some money. They were from Wyndham Falls, so I hope that means we'll see Emma again.

Those were the highlights of December 1973. There were no missing episodes or preemptions for the month, which was cool. It seemed like we were watching two or three different shows again, which sometimes intersect.

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