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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Primetime TV Update - June 2017

Here's a quick description of all of the shows I've watched and completed in June 2017. Of course, as always, there is a possibility of spoilers for any prime time show I mention.

This month I mainly watched scripted shows and have a few things still pending into July.

On ABC, I watched the second and last season of "The Catch", which was cancelled. The show ended in such a way that things were left open, but not in a way that was completely disappointing. Watching John Simm and Gina Torres spare made the second season entertaining at least to my personal interests.

On AMC, I finished up "Better Call Saul", while viewing it I wondered how many more seasons they can go with the story as it is a prequel of "Breaking Bad". At least the Sandpiper lawsuit story has come to an end.

On the CW, I finished up "The 100", which ended with yet another apocalypse. Of course, not everyone died, but the fates of some characters will only be revealed once the program goes back into production (and there are set photos.)

On FX, I got through "The Americans", which had a somewhat non-exciting ending, but I rather liked how it was low-key. They have one season left to go, and Phillip and Elizabeth (not their real names as they have never said their real ones as they are Russian spies), are at a breaking point with their work. Phillip has had enough, and wants things to change. We actually saw a story for their son this year, which was the biggest surprise.

On HBO, I saw "Big Little Lies", finally. If you were watching it for the mystery element don't it isn't worth it as I figured out the culprit quickly. If you want to watch for performances go ahead and enjoy.

On Netflix, I watched the dubbed version of "Cable Girls", which is a Spanish language show that they produced. It was an entertaining period piece from the era where operators were needed to make telephone calls. The main character got into the job because she was blackmailed into stealing money. The program also had the kind of scenes that would not be for those who don't want to see explicit sexual content.

Since there was a free week of Starz, I was able to catch up with some programs on that channel. I viewed "American Gods", "The Company" and "The White Princess". With American Gods, I wonder how much more I would have gotten out of it if I had read the book. It is on my stack of things to read, so eventually I will. Years ago, I watched the first part of The Company without realizing it was a three-part show. Now it made a lot more sense, think story about the cold war and spies. The only thing that wasn't realistic is it couldn't just be one spy which caused the Hungarian Uprising and the Bay of Pigs to not work out could it. The White Princess is about Lizzie and Henry VII, who were the parents of Henry VIII. Since at the beginning of each episode, it was noted this may not be 100% accurate, I can't say what was based on reality. It was fun for a historical if you like that sort of thing.

In the reality genre, I finished "The Amazing Race" season 29 and "Little Big Shots". TAR had strangers run the race together, which made an interesting dynamic simply because unlike the last time they did, these people weren't paired expecting a love connection. Little Big Shots ended, and now there is a new version with seniors; the only problem with this year's was since there were more episodes, it felt like it was harder for them to get as unique guests.

So that's what I've watched in June 2017. I hope to view more in July, but if the heat continues to be oppressive, it is hard for me to concentrate on anything on the tube. Happy viewing!

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