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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Days: Six Random Thoughts for June 2017

Below are six thoughts I'm having about "Days of Our Lives", and since we had a two-day hiatus I figured it was as good as time as any to write about them.

  1. Evil jewelry, a plane crash, jungle fever: what year are we in? This is such a throwback, but I'm a bit bored. At least, the characters are aware of the past, but a Greek island being a set is never as beautiful as the real thing. Also the people in Salem realized they are missing and are upset, they didn't forget they had family and friends.
  2. So Jade made a video of Theo and Claire having sex, without their permission. Jade feels like this will make Claire a star. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Jade wanted Claire all to herself, at least that would be a different plot for Days.
  3. When will Tripp find out that Kayla didn't murder his mother, but Joey did? I get why Tripp would suspect that Steve would cover for Kayla as he did the same for Adrienne 30 years ago (yes it has been that long, but hopefully it won't resolve in a completely idiotic way.)
  4. Brady was dying as Daniel's heart was giving out, he "sees" the other man, but then gets better upon having baby Holly on his chest. (Why am I imagining a story about Holly being SORASed and she and Brady becoming a couple?) At least they didn't do this story without John being part of it.
  5. Dario wants Abby so much that he is trying to convince her that getting married is the only way he can stay in Salem. It isn't as if he has such strong feelings for her, and it isn't about revenge against Chad, which at least would be a motivation for Dario's behavior. You hurt my sister, so I'm taking away someone you love.
  6. Eric got away with helping Nicole and doesn't have to go back to prison. Hopefully this means that Jennifer will get something to do, because some random corporation trying to steal the Spectator doesn't seem all that interesting unless there is a twist.
So those are six thoughts I'm having about Days, a few weeks more until a writing regime change, and we all know what that means: yet another plan to save the show. 

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