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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - May 2017

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in May 2017.

We found out that Ryan was cheating on Amy on their wedding night with Kyle the drug dealer who was homeless. Nancy changed her hair, and she and Darren didn't want Kyle to bring drugs into the house. Ste remained in prison, and Tony and Harry made on progress.

Tom got his driver's license, and was given his father's driving gloves when spending time with Cindy and Darren. Yasmine has a heart condition and it waiting for a donor heart. Yasmine's mother thought Peri knew, but Peri promised to keep it a secret as Yasmine had been bullied in her previous school for being ill.  This was discovered when she got sick, when Tom, Alfie, Lily and Prince decided to go to a party together. Tom freaked out and Prince, who doesn't have a license tried to get them to the hospital. Joel and Cleo decided they wanted to be together and were having a fun motorcycle ride. This ended in tragedy and while everyone survived Joel promised God he would stay in the priesthood if Cleo survived. Prince left town with his father after getting into trouble, as Shane also tried to steal from the high school. He had been expelled even though he nearly died from a sub-dermal hematoma (this is what killed Ziggy.)

Sally went on a date with a member of the town council, she had a heart attack and died. Now Cindy and Simone are competing for the position. Cindy found out that Leela and Zack were involved and played the audio for everyone shocking them. Before this happened, Simone thought about having another child, which horrified Lisa.

Hunter's feelings for Neeta continued. He drew inappropriate though pretty pictures of her. Sally saw one and kept it for herself. Eventually he tried to kiss Neeta, and she wasn't interested, as he is a kid.

Warren realized that he couldn't turn himself in for Bart's death and wanted to be a dad to his twins with Sienna.

Maxine and Adam went through with their wedding. Esther and Grace slept together, and then Esther tossed her aside shocking Grace.

Mac had a stroke due to James and Marnie, and James was able to get Mac's power of attorney. The rest of the family was upset finding out the truth.

Courtney discovered she was pregnant by Liam who has left town, and decided to have an abortion for health reasons.

Nick and Tegan's affair came out after Tegan mistakenly thought that Courtney's pregnancy test was hers. She told Holly, and Holly didn't believe her. Holly eventually paid for this mistake, by taking Nick back. He forced himself on her, and she realized that Ellie hadn't lied. Holly told Ellie what happened, and instead of being triumphant, she felt badly for the other woman. Holly wanted to testify against Nick, but he told her he would realize a sex video of the two of them. When Holly told Cindy, her mother lost it and said that it didn't matter about that. Dirk tried to give Nick the benefit of the doubt, as Nick is his nephew, and Holly had lied about Dodger raping her years ago. Dirk realized everything was true, and Nick realized he was a rapist. He didn't mean to hurt either Ellie or Holly, but didn't stop himself. Nick will probably go to jail, and everyone is done with him. Alfie was horrified that Nick raped both of his sisters.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for May 2017. The way the rape story was handled was interesting as consent is a difficult issue to broach. I'm glad that Nick isn't in denial about his actions anymore though I hope both women get help with a counselor.

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