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Friday, February 24, 2017

Y&R: Six Random Thoughts for February 2017

Here is yet another random thoughts post. This one is about "The Young and the Restless" after a few weeks of having a new writing team.

  1. It is great that we are seeing more of Noah. He is Sharon and Nick's son, and was a ghost for so long. I also appreciate that he and his sister Mariah act like they know one another as he is the manager of the club, she used to also work at before joining GCBuzz.
  2. I wish I cared more about Lauren's situation with her missing son. I like Lauren, but don't have any real attachment to her son Scott.
  3. Why is it that Reed can get into the Underground without any problems, an all ages open mike night in a bar without a restaurant? Seriously, now if it was at Crimson Lights, it would have made sense.
  4. Speaking of Crimson Lights, I'm glad that Sharon has decided to refocus and be in charge at the coffee shop. I prefer that to seeing her working for Chelsea and seeing glimmers between Chelsea and Nick.
  5. They are dropping anvils again about Christian being Adam's son instead of Nick's, which Chelsea knows. I wish Chelsea would've said that Christian's behavior reminds her of Victor, and he is the boy's grandfather. That would have been an accurate statement. 
  6. Jill's heart attack was upsetting, but at least there were clues as she had symptoms weeks before. Sadly having the doctors mess up and say she had acid re-flux happens in the real world too. 
So those are six thoughts I'm having about Y&R. There is more character moments than plot, but some may not find that interesting.

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