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Sunday, February 19, 2017

B&B: Zende & Nicole Marry

In the span of six episodes, Nicole (Reign Edwards) and Zende (Rome Flynn) became engaged and got married on "The Bold and the Beautiful". Unlike most couples in daytime, it was the first marriage for both bride and groom. Below are my thoughts on their engagement and wedding.

The couple became engaged during the February 10 & 13, 2017 episodes, after Zende surprised Nicole with a carriage ride and vintage clothing. While sweet, I didn't get why this kind of garb would fit them. They had never gone to an event in historic wear, and it had nothing to do with LA or Zende growing up in Africa. I can't ever recall them having a historical line at Forrester either, but I guess the fashion department liked that style.

Nicole and Zende ended up marrying at the Forrester mansion. For the day, Nicole's portrait got to be displayed in the place of honor. Quinn (Rena Sofer) didn't like having her picture down, but dealt with it. Nicole's matron of honor was her sister Maya (Karla Mosley) and Zende's best man was his Uncle Rick (Jacob Yong). Rick in a lot of ways doesn't act like Zende's Uncle, as Rick is married to Maya, but I digress. Zende's parents Kristen (Tracy Melchior) and Tony (Paulo Benedeti) came to LA for the special occasion, and we saw the Vivenne (Anna Maria Horsford) and Julius (Obba Babatundé) be there to support their youngest. Shockingly Julius was actually accepting of Maya, which was a great thing compared to the last Avant/Forrester wedding that took place at the mansion. Carter (Lawrence Saint Victor) was the officiant at the wedding, and most of the guests waxed poetic about the couple from their seats.

By the end of the week, Nicole and Zende were consummating their marriage in his room at the Forrester Mansion. Instead of flying away that night, they enjoyed each other at home.

I appreciated that B&B actually had a romantic storyline during February sweeps that was with two characters who were in love. While there had been a triangle with Sasha (Felisha Cooper), who had been Nicole's best friend and half-sister it was mercifully ended. I just hope that this doesn't mean the end of the on screen appearances for Zende and Nicole or their portrayers. 

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