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Saturday, February 25, 2017

GH: Six Random Thoughts for February 2017

I was trying to write a longer piece about "General Hospital", but got distracted, so I decided to just do a random thoughts post instead.

  1. We actually have stories going on about medical issues and the hospital right now. How long has it been since we had more than one of those at a time that wasn't about various characters being injured in a stunt? There is Anna having a rare blood cancer, Finn's drug abuse, the hospital sale story, which ties into the nurses' strike.
  2. I'm glad that Nina got upset over Maxie inviting Lulu to see Charlotte. That was out of line, shouldn't have happened and actually caused conflict between Nina and Nathan, which was appropriate.
  3. Olivia Jerome faking her death, and returning after being shot by Julian over 25 years ago. Well, I'm not surprised, but it is nice to see Tonja Walker.
  4. Robin being pregnant because Kimberly McCullough is, well good. It was getting noticeable and characters lives should continue when they aren't visiting Port Charles.
  5. I felt such secondhand embarrassment when Kiki and Dillon were interrupted after Franco came back to the apartment. Seriously, that was crazy.
  6. So Liz and Franco are a couple now, I'm waiting for more of a reaction from anyone. Not that most characters in Port Charles can talk, but conflict can make a soap world go round.
So that's my major takeaway list for GH these days. I wish I was enjoying it more, but I'm not angry or stupefied, which is good thing.

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