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Friday, February 17, 2017

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - March 1973

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of March 1973.

Hank was concerned he would never be able to use his arm again. He had happy news when he burned himself in the lab and felt it. Never have people ever been happy about something of that sort. This happened after Hank went to New York City to convince Lauri to come to Hope Memorial for an interview with Matt. Toni and Mike had a short argument over the situation with Hank, as did Mike and Hank. Eventually Mike and Hank made peace even if Mike didn't trust Lauri.

Nick and Althea continued to not get along, as Nick saw Ann socially two nights in a row. Nick and Althea got stuck in the elevator at the hospital, and yelled at one another. Nick had no idea about Penny's potential blindness, and how that was a major factor of John and Althea staying together. Nick and Ann's relationship hit a skid because he wanted to do more than she was interested in a romantic sort of way. Even though her husband has been dead for a year, she isn't ready to have casual sex on a second date.

Penny decided she didn't want to come to Madison and live with her mother. She was used to her father's rules and wrote a letter to Althea disinviting herself. John spoke to Penny on the phone, and was able to change Penny's mind. Unfortunately, Dave and Penny got into a fight and she ran away by bus to San Francisco. Penny went horseback riding on her own risking her own life. Althea got upset, and rushed to the west coast. Penny went to a coffee bar, and was befriended by a creepy older guy named Jester. Althea met Jester and thought he had met Penny. When talking to him a second time with John in attendance, information about Penny's vision problems was shared. Jester lied about meeting Penny. When alone, he tried to force Penny to have sex on the coffee shop floor and she rushed away from him. Due to Althea leaving Madison, Maggie was stuck running the outpatient lab alone.

Steve and Carolee started to having problems due to his unhappiness at work. The new chief of the obstetrics department Nelson Larabee (who is still off camera), has been causing problems for the couple. Carolee knows how miserable he is, but Steve won't let her help. In his free time, instead of being with the kids and Carolee, he's helping Mona set up her suite of offices. He even went to work on Saturday, and complained about his life to Maggie. That being said, the only time Steve and Carolee get to be alone together are after the kids are in bed, at Hope Memorial or Pete's restaurant at lunch. Matt finally went to Steve about the situation, though Steve told Matt to do nothing, as he worried that would make "Admiral Nelson" target him even more. Since Steve has a contract with Hope Memorial, he can't leave without permission, though Matt said he would be willing to let him go.

The mobile unit was saved, but not before Carl Hendryx tried to derail the project. He now is targeting Matt instead of Nick. Carl shared how it wasn't certain that Hank would be able to do surgery again. Matt explained his feelings about Carl to Maggie. The chairman of the hospital board felt that Carl maybe starting a mutiny going after Matt.

Those were the highlights of March 1973. There was one missing episode from March 12, 1973. From dialogue it seemed like it was an episode were Ann and Nick had an argument after their second date. Like February there were a lot of replays of "No Way", and unfortunately no one was really happy with their situation in life. Hopefully we get some joy in Madison soon and not just tons of stress or sadness.

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