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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Thoughts abut "Hollyoaks" - January 2017

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in January 2017.

Cameron was finally caught for his crimes. There was a Lomax/Campbell family event at the cabin. He and Leela reconciled, and Peri was glad for her parents. Courtney and Tegan tagged along, but Ste was uninvited. While on a walk, Courtney and Tegan discovered Celine's body. Cameron locked Courtney and Tegan in a shed, held Zack hostage thinking he was Danny's father, but it was finally over once he began chasing Leela and Peri in the woods. The women realized he was a killer, and ran. They were found by Ste and Ryan. Cameron ended up on the road, and was hit by a camper van. Lisa and Mac left Cameron for dead, as they didn't want to have their affair exposed. Cameron said he would leave Lisa alone, if she brought Peri to visit. Peri did see her father one last time and denounced him.

Joel nearly died, after Sienna flipped out and bashed him. This made Warren hate her. Sienna didn't want to kill the priest, but didn't want Warren to know Sienna and Joel's connection. (Sienna had been telling Joel all about her "abusive" boyfriend.) Joel wasn't as good as he seemed as he had a criminal past with Shane, Goldie's former love, (Hunter and Prince's dad) who was recently released from prison. Joel gave his motorcycle to Shane, but this didn't satisfy the other man.

Eva was dead, as Grace couldn't deal with Esther's brain injury caused by Jack's niece. Liam was told that Eva was pregnant when she died, which gives him motivation to try to nail his half-sister for the crime. Esther and Kim were having problems due Esther's health as she didn't want to be treated as a patient, but a partner. Nancy was diagnosed with MS, and Darren wasn't sure how to help her.

Mac and Lisa's affair continued, though it wasn't surely love. Ellie was still hot and cold with Freddie due to what happened with Nick Savage. She will be beyond horrified if she ever finds out that Lisa and her dad are having sex. Lisa felt like Nathan always put Cleo first, which was true. Nathan tried to make Cleo feel better with Celine's disappearance. Sadly with Celine dead, Cleo wasn't able to cope. Cleo decided to reach out to Pete via the postal service. Harry put his relationship with Ste before everything else. Wanting his love to be able to see his kids, he reported Amy to child services, using the video of Amy putting cake in Leah's face as proof of abuse. This angered Ryan, and he beat up Ste thinking Ste called protective services. Ryan, due to his connections, was able to get this covered up, and the crime went unpunished. Mercedes and Ryan's one night stand came out as Amy found out the truth as John-Paul discovered the video and told Ste. Instead of keeping it quiet, she showed the video of her fiance and her so-called friend having sex. Mercedes and Ryan were intimate when Amy and Ryan were broken up though this did not matter to anyone. (Hunter and Prince stole the ring that Harry bought to give to Ste.) Eventually Harry got the ring back, but has yet to propose. Ryan planned to leave town and wanted Amy to come with him, but she never got his calls.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for January 2017. Upcoming departures have me a bit bummed out, but this is a bit of a normal thing for this program.

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