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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Y&R: Six Random Thoughts for August 2016

Here are six random thoughts I'm having about "The Young and the Restless".

  1. The Chancellor set looks better now that it has been revamped again to look more like it used to, goodbye unattractive dark paint.
  2. Nice to see Daniel visiting everyone, and hope he gets to be in town with all the characters who were important in his life.
  3. So Kevin isn't the father of Chloe's daughter Bella, but who could it be? If it is Billy, there is no surprise, so please let their be one.
  4. What will Adam's write off be, no idea, and I like that.
  5. The new outside style of taping is different and interesting. The scenes in "Mexico" didn't have the look and feel of the show, but weren't done badly.
  6. I'm hoping that Y&R gets a rootable couple soon. They need it, as there has been no new pairings in awhile and some seem to be ending in the foreseeable future.
So that's my list of six things that I'm thinking about Y&R these days.

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