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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - July 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in July 2016.

There was a party at the tugboat, where things got out of hand. Nico ended up taking meth and was in the hospital. It was decided the restaurant would be renamed Lisa's Love Boat. She still frustrated Cameron as a business partner. As part of her plan to destroy Sonia, Lisa told the admissions department about Sonia's past so she wouldn't be admitted. She also called Sonia while at work saying that Jade was ill. Money got stolen from the Roscoe garage and Sonia lost her job. Lisa wanted Zack and Holly to be a couple that she set them up to spend a day together. They ended up having sex, but Zack still loves Sonia and sees Holly just as a best mate. This caused strife with the Lovedays, but Simon and Louis had to accept their son's choice to be with Sonia. Lisa though pushed it and brought one of the Donovan brothers home to have sex to see if they would be accepting of that too, which shockingly Simone was after listening to advice from Cindy.

Myra is out of the hospital, and back at home. Pete was sentenced off screen and will spend seven years in prison for what he did to Cleo. Nathan and Cleo continued to become better friends. She helped him at the Dog in the Pond, creating new drinks etc. Holly felt alienated as Cleo was preferring Nathan's company to her own and went on holiday to Spain. John Paul and Scott are still together as are Mercedes and Joe. The McQueens were a bit back burnered this month with the exception of Cleo.

Diane and Tony were about to leave town for France even though Tony was disappointed by not being given a head chef position. It was Diane's dream job, so he was okay with it. This was going to be hard on Tegan, as she wished their kids all lived next door to each other due to the confused custody situation. As Tony was about to leave, Harry ran up to his Dad, that Ste was using again. Tony decided to stay to help Ste and Harry. While detoxing Ste hit Harry, and he felt guilty about it. Tegan and Leela were told about Cameron getting Ste hooked on meth, but they didn't believe it. Ste now is in rehab, while Harry and Tony watch and wait. Leela is pregnant, and isn't sure about the paternity.

Nico continued to cause issues, and moved back in with Sienna after the aforementioned drug OD. She helped Peri get back at Jade for Tom leaving town for the Summer. Jade's wig came off in front of everyone, and they also made it look like that Alfie and Peri had sex. Peri had no interest in sleeping with Alfie, but if Jade thought something happened they would also be heartbroken. Alfie and Jade reunited when the truth was told. They even were bald together at school. Eventually Peri couldn't take it anymore and turned Nico into Sally. Nico was expelled, and Peri also was in trouble at school. Nico decided to take Peri on a camping trip and locked them in somewhere underground. Alfie found their location using his telescope, and then got the great news that his cancer treatment is working. The girls both nearly died, and Nico shared her murderous secrets. At this point, Peri remembers nothing, but now Nico wants to keep her separate from everyone else. Nico also threatened Alfie and Jade and told them to stay away from Peri.

Mike was revealed to be Warren Fox. Those who dealt with him in the past were horrified he returned to Hollyoaks. Sienna and Warren became close over shared loss and seem to be a couple. He has been helping her get information on her father's death. Before knowing that Mike was Warren, Maxine admitted where Patrick was buried though she didn't kill him. The cops went behind the wall and found nothing as Nancy and Darren moved the corpse again. They were in the same woods that Nico and Peri went missing in, so Darren had to try to cover to keep people from discovering the remains. Maxine ended up moving in for now due to Warren being in her apartment. Jack also has to deal with issues that Warren's return brings up from his past. Esther decided to marry Kim, which Jack isn't happy about but he is being more understanding than her grandmother. Grace also is opposed, so we'll see what happens if the ladies will end up wed if they get to the altar.

Marnie is doing what she can to break up Neeta and Mac. Neeta's job with designing the Donovan boys' salon was causing issues. When Mac saw Neeta's picture in the advertising, he became livid. He hit her accidentally, and she told him they were through.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for July 2016. Hopefully we'll get more McQueens in August. I'm also wanting everyone to know Nico's crimes. She's been causing problems for a long time and I'm looking forward to some returns that were previewed in the six weeks of Summer promotion that was released by the series.

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