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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

B&B: Six Random Thoughts for August 2016

Below are six random thoughts I'm having about "The Bold and the Beautiful". 

  1. Steffy, Ridge, and Rick are all on the same side about Eric's involvement with Quinn. This is the first time in years they've agreed about anything. For this reason alone, it is a bit disturbing.
  2. Thomas shouldn't be upset over Caroline visiting her mothers in New York. They deserve to spend time with their grandson Douglas.
  3. Sasha feels left out with the Avants due to Julius not accepting her. It is understandable, but one has to wonder is her bonding with Thomas innocent or a way for her to join the Forrester family.
  4. Katie and Bill are divorcing again. He won't give her part of Spencer due to what happened the last time. While I can't blame him there, will he be willing to give up his partial say at Forrester? And even if she does end up with a voice at the fashion house, whose to say she'll even be on Ridge's side. Katie and Ridge were engaged with the string ring, but Rick is her nephew.
  5. Zende and Nicole are back together, but not doing much of anything. While I'm glad he is no longer with Sasha, it is annoying that they along with Maya are seldom seen. Are we supposed to believe that the baby is taking all of their attention.
  6. Why does Wyatt believe he can control his mother? He can tell her to move away or stay away from Steffy, but unless they have her on a GPS device they can't avoid it. That actually would be hilarious if Quinn comes within a certain radius of particular device a noise would sound so they would know to leave.

So those are six random thoughts I'm having about B&B these days. I hope they start new stories in the autumn.

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