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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - February 1972

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of February 1972.

Toni went to Vito's apartment, and they kissed or did something more. There have been flashbacks, and she feels guilty, but it hasn't been said. Martha and Carolee have opposing views on Toni's feelings for Vito and Mike based on their experiences. Martha thinks that Toni is only interested in Mike, while Carolee believes that Toni probably hasn't gotten over her first love. Toni lost Mike's class ring, and he was okay with it, because he got her a pearl engagement ring. They were intimate as Martha couldn't get home due to her car breaking down. In afterglow, the phone rang and Mike had to return to the hospital. There had been a serious fire in an apartment building. Thankfully no one was killed, and Hank did an awesome job managing the crisis. By the time Matt arrived he had nothing to do, except praise Hank's work. We didn't see any of the patients, as this was just spoken about on screen.

Emma got her old apartment back, and decided to have Billy move in with her. Carolee and Steve could live in his apartment with the baby, as it wasn't large enough for five people. The couple made plans for using an alcove as a nursery, and were enjoying their last days as an engaged couple. Toni mentioned about having a shower for both the baby and the bride, but it didn't happen. Steve told Emma about her daughter probably not being able to have another biological child, Carolee is still clueless. While speaking alone, Steve asked permission to call his soon to be mother-in-law, Emma instead of Mrs. Simpson. The day before the wedding, the Simpson women bonded.

Maggie continued to be a mess, but thankfully she and Matt had a good Valentine's Day. She was acting more normally, and was looking forward to the wedding. Hearing about Matt's plan for a trip made her even happier. They decided to move their vacation to Easter, so Greta could join them. Sadly, Maggie's happiness was short-lived as she continued to see Frank in her mind. Accidentally dropping some money, Maggie blamed Greta, who was coloring in her Pink Panther book. Mother and daughter wept, and Maggie realized she needed help to figure out what was wrong with her. She has a plan to use John's program to see if dementia can be passed down in the genes. Maggie worries she is just like her Uncle Bill.

Karen's obsession with Matt hasn't stopped for a second. She wanted him, and got upset when Steve spoke about Matt's plan to take Maggie on a second honeymoon. This took place in Steve's office, and Erich was placed in his father's chair. Karen continued to dream about Matt, and replacing Maggie in his life. She was going to use Steve until he wasn't needed anymore. Speaking of Erich, Carolee told Steve that the boy should have a relationship with their daughter.

Mrs. Hamilton's visit stirred up problems among Nick, Althea and John. Nick took his former mother-in-law out for dinner, but had to move their "date" due to John. Another night, she went out with Martha to the movies, which was a friendship that was new to the audience. John got upset that evening as Althea and Nick interacted, while Carolee and Steve were looking after the baby. It was supposed to be a wedding planning night for just the girls, but once Steve and Nick had finished they came back to the house. John felt that Althea was lying, and that Althea should have left the moment her former husband arrived. The stress got stronger due to Cathy's honesty. Later Cathy got let in by Nick's super, and Mrs. Hamilton brought over a brown betty. Mrs. Hamilton realized that Nick and John didn't really get along. She asked Althea to drive her to the airport to return to Greenville. After arguing with John again, and kissing Nick, Althea drove to her mother's, and arrived the day before the wedding where she's the matron of honor. Will she return to Madison in time, or will we have a week of the same day? Meanwhile Cathy believes she's pregnant, as she hasn't gotten her cycle in two months. Instead of going to Steve at the hospital, like any logical person would do with their past, she went to his apartment. She has yet to have a test, but we should find out soon if Nick may become a daddy.

Those were the highlights of February 1972. Karen's fantasy about a potential life with Matt was hilarious: billowing curtains, tousled hair and the like. It was done with voiceovers, and utterly impossible, which made it strangely entertaining. Of course, March brings us the long-awaited wedding between Steve and Carolee, please don't let it be a disappointment.

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