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Monday, August 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - July 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in July 2016.

Paul ended up getting revenge on the people who hurt him using Madison's job at the paper. He edited an article about notable residents and those who weren't on his side were slammed. Madison didn't get into trouble, but later she did lose her job. Paul gave her a lead on Ryan's shady business of lingerie cleaners. Madison discovered Amy was one of them and to protect her, she ended up quitting her job. Paul continued to push not knowing Amy was involved. The story was in the media upsetting everyone. One of Paul's former political enemies relished sharing the scandal. Amy had a difficult month, as Jimmy also was paying too much attention to his phone and nearly got run over on the road. Tom ended up leaving town so his relationship with Aaron is kaput, and Quill has put Lassister's up for sale again. Lucy came with her baby to visit and she's going to decide who gets the hotel. With some encouragement, Terese decided to compete with Paul for the property as she will be out of her position if he owns the hotel.

The formal was a disaster and everything was revealed. Xanthe hates Ben and Piper now. She knows that Gary paid Ben to take her and Piper knew. Also Piper destroyed her dress, that was 600, and planned to return to the store. Now Xanthe is buddies with the girl who bullied her. Piper and Tyler also broke up as she saw him with Elly.

Jack decided to go back to the priesthood as his mentor passed away. He does have feelings for Paige, but his calling was more important at this time. Paige was upset, and ended up having a wild party at the house. Brad and Lauren were out of town camping. (Brad was able to take over Off Air for his troubled youth program, as Karl couldn't afford to run it anymore since Daniel moved to America.) One of her late grandfather's chairs was destroyed. She had a one-night stand with Tyler. Paige told the truth to her younger half-sister and was devastated by her the betrayal. Ned has been off screen, so he hasn't played a part in his sisters' woes. At the youth program, Paige and Dustin boxed. Brad wasn't happy about this, and called for his daughter. Dustin accidentally knocked Paige out and she hit her head.

Xanthe was struggling at school, and Gary needed money for her tutoring. Gary nearly did something illegal, but went to Paul for help. Gary is working at Robinson's as the maintenance person for Paul and Steph. Belinda kissed Steph and Charlie saw them. Paul still thinking that Mark isn't good enough for Steph was paying Belinda's legal feels to get reinstated as a nurse. Steph isn't interested in her ex, and wondered what would happen if Paul left their hotel. Elly, who is Susan's niece, recently returned to town. She's an English teacher, and is helping Xanthe with her work. While upset Elly almost hit Jimmy with her car and drove away. Steph became upset, and did some research finding a picture on social media of Mark and Elly. Mark gave Elly only a warning, and Steph became a bit jealous.

Aaron took a job at Rebecchi law. He was going to do social media work for Toadie. Aaron also was helping Karl with his campaign for new bike lanes. This caused issues for Sonya as the mayor. Someone destroyed her and little Nell's bikes. Karl and Susan also clashed as money that would have gone to the school would be going for traffic safety. By the end of the month, someone wrote DIE on her Holden and threw a brick through the law firm's window.

Those are the highlights of July 2016. Hopefully, things will get moving with the hotel bidding. I'm glad that Lucy has returned even if it is just a visit.

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