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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Soaps Stars in Other Places: Family Feud 1978 - All My Children Versus Ryan's Hope

Below are my thoughts and a link of an episode of "Family Feud" hosted by Richard Dawson from 1978. Five cast members of "All My Children" and "Ryan's Hope" competed against each other for charity.

The person who posted this doesn't allow embedding, so one must go to Youtube directly. That's not a big deal,  to watch it click here.

The All My Children team of Richard VanVleet (Dr. Chuck Tyler), Francesca James (Kelly Cole), Kathleen Noone (Ellen Shepard), Ruth Warrick (Phoebe Tyler), and Hugh Franklin (Dr. Charles Tyler) played for Special Olympics. The Ryan's Hope team of Bernie Barrow (Johnny Ryan) Helen Gallagher (Maeve Ryan), Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli), Nancy Addison (Jill Coleridge), and John Gabriel (Seneca Beaulac) played for March of Dimes.

First question is name a Robert Redford movie. Richard passed so the RH team had to play. Ironically Michael Levin mentioned "All the President's Men" which is the Watergate journalists, as that was his character's profession. The AMC team was able to steal $86 with 3 Days of the Condor (which I've never heard of), so I would have never guessed that.

Helen's two Emmy wins in a row was mentioned, along with how Dawson had never won. At this point, Francesca hadn't won her acting Emmy yet. (That was in 1980). In soaps, she later won Emmys for her producing work at both "General Hospital" and "All My Children".

The second question was: what do people buy before boarding a plane? The AMC team won the question and decided to play. They ended up sweeping the board winning an additional $93 making their total $179.

The third question was: name something millions of people do at the same time each day. Kathleen got control by saying go to bed. AMC had another clean sweep and won with another $194. This brought their total to $373. The AMC group did extremely well that they probably wouldn't have been beaten.

Richard and Francesca played for $5,000. The questions were: something in a cocktail you can eat, a luxury car, gift for a tennis player, something people often lose, and something shoe soles are made of, by himself Richard got 168 points. Francesca got the rest on the first question, unfortunately the list of number ones wasn't mentioned. The AMC team won $10,638 during two appearances as the prior week they had beaten the "One Life to Live" team. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to find that episode online.

This was a good way to spend about 25 minutes of my time. Since the episode was from 1978, and SoapNet aired Ryan's Hope from 1978, I was familiar with all of those actors. (Of course, they were all with that show for many years, so it isn't surprising.) The AMC cast I know more about than seen, due to how AMC's episodes were still being erased in this period. The person who I've seen the least material of is Hugh Franklin (as I haven't seen all that much "Dark Shadows" and the rest of the shows and plays he was in aren't easily available) , who had to quit acting due to health reasons in 1983. What I didn't know and should have is he and Madeleine L'Engle (author of "A Wrinkle in Time", which was on a bookshelf in my childhood home) were married for 40 years.

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