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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Y&R: Victor Found Guilty

This week on "The Young and the Restless", Victor Newman was found guilty for his crimes. The character was sentenced to ten years in prison. While I don't believe the character will be locked away that long as Eric Braeden isn't leaving the program, I hope the businessman does spend some time behind bars.

Victor did a lot of heinous things due to protecting his family from the Abbotts. While the Abbotts aren't exactly innocents, his behavior was beyond anything reasonable. He had Jack kidnapped, and replaced him with a doppelganger. While Jack was being held hostage, Jack was drugged and raped, and since Phyllis didn't know her husband wasn't her husband, she also was raped repeatedly thinking it was consensual sex between married people. Also due to this mess, Jack was shot, when Victor thought it was Marco, the doppelganger. Ironically Victor got away with that shooting. Marco did more than just rape Phyllis though. He was behind the deaths of both Summer's husband and Noah's fiance. Victor's actions caused two of his grandchildren a lot of heartbreak. Also due to Victor's behavior, he was able to get Jack to give Newman enough money to nearly bankrupt Jabot. These are just the highlights, and things like Nikki going off the wagon due to everything going on weren't directly caused by Victor.

I'm glad that Victor finally is going to pay. I just wonder what will happen next, will his company implode? Will his family work together or fall apart? At least, there is some movement in the story and Victor's current reign of terror is over for the foreseeable future.

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