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Monday, March 28, 2016

Days: Six Random Thoughts for March 2016

Below are six random thoughts about "Days of Our Lives" for March 2016.  They do discuss spoilers.

  1. So John's history was changed again and he's the son of randoms who are now off canvas. While it is good, his relationships and those of his children aren't incestuous I hope they don't write about this ever again. Speaking of the kidnapping and rescue, seeing Marlena save Steve was fun. I also liked that Paul had something to do. Since he was now kidnapped he's a lot more like most characters in Salem. The list of people who haven't been kidnapped is shorter than those who have.
  2. In a few months, we are going to be losing Summer, Lani, Belle and Shawn as all four actors have been taken off contract. At this point, we don't know where the characters will go, but this falls into the "this is why it is bad Days tapes so far in advance." Why should we care about anything going on in the quad with Lani, Belle, Shawn and Philip, if only one person is not going away. With Summer, I just don't know what to think, so I'm guessing she's a fake and all of this with Maggie is moot.
  3. Hope knowing that Chase raped Ciara is good. The problem is there is no physical evidence, so it is "he said, she said". I hope the teens don't get into trouble for holding Chase hostage as that could be proven.
  4. Abby and Chad are married, but she's losing her mind. I was disappointed at how certain characters were missing at the nuptials. Like why wouldn't Abe be there or Abby's Uncle Steve want to support them.
  5. Theresa and Brady are engaged, should we be optimistic or not for this pairing? I'm not sure what to believe now.
  6. Deimos and Victor doesn't make sense. Yes Victor appeared in Salem about 30 years ago, but his kids and grandkids on canvas are over 30. Also, it is hard for me to believe that the two brothers would be fighting over the same woman, that we've never met and care about this revelation. At least having Deimos and Kate involved makes a bit of sense.
So that's my list for this time on Days. It is always subject to change as stories continue to air. 

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