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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - February 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during February of 2016. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Alfie had to deal with the fallout from being Cindy's biological son. He was upset with Mac, for allowing him to believe that he was adopted. His father was his biological father, and he was being raised with his half-siblings. Alfie moved in with Cindy, but she acted as if she didn't care so he'd move back home. This was really sad, as Cindy was being selfless, and wanted the best for the teen. Hopefully, they'll have a relationship eventually. Jade started cancer treatment and Alfie wanted to date her. Jack wanted the teen to break up with his foster daughter, but he decided not to do so. Somehow Alfie's fund for Jade online was hacked and over 1000 pounds was stolen. Mac's former wife, Marnie and eldest son, James were plotting around town. They wanted to get the Hutch away from Tony and Diane with Scott as the perfect pawn, as he is extremely clueless. James was an attorney and helped Holly to not be charged for drugs. He also was faking an interest in Scott, who he has nothing in common with except that they are both gay.

The killer struck again, but no one died. Since Trevor was cleared and released, another suspect needed to be found. Esther was a victim, but she was found and cured. Trevor and Grace are somewhat back together, but Trevor is a mess due to how Ben beat him up. Due to covering up evidence, Ben was demoted in the police force after his suspension was complete. Trevor and Sienna shared a kiss, and they aren't sure what is going on with their relationship. Nico didn't take all of her medication, had a heart attack at school and was back in the hospital. Pete Buchanan also got attacked after Celine confided in Lindsey what Pete was doing to Cleo. Pete told Cleo if she paid him off, he would get her mother out of prison. Cleo dropped out of school and started working for Tony. Misreading his signals, Cleo thought Tony wanted sex, which wasn't the case. (Poor Cleo thinks kindness from an older man equals sex how screwed up is this girl.) 

Cameron is trying to control Peri and she doesn't like it. Leela is stuck in the middle. Lindsey became the new face of the hospital in advertising as chief of staff. Since Freddie is back, he is causing problems. He recalled seeing Kim at his bedside. Lindsey decided to frame Tegan as the killer, but Kim got herself in trouble instead as she had a syringe with a lethal dose by Freddie's bedside. Lindsey is pregnant, but Freddie is the father, not Joe. Mercedes wasn't seen this month, but it is possible that once she finds out how Joe was lied to that things may change between them.

The Lovedays have been having problems as well. Zack used Theresa, and she found out and ended it. He hooked up with Joanne, his father's former mistress. Simone has no idea what is going on between her legal colleague and her husband and son. Joanne has tried to put a wedge between the Lovedays, and wants Louis back, by making Simone neglect her family to renew her legal career. Zack and Lisa/Sonia have shared some kisses, but it still is awkward.

Holly and Jason got married, but it didn't last long. The relationship between Holly and Robbie was discovered by everyone. First there was the video evidence and later, Jason found out how Holly spent the night with Robbie before the wedding. Freddie tried to help the situation, by keeping Robbie away, but he arrived at the reception. Holly decided even though she met Jason first, she wanted Robbie more. Cindy was glad that Dirk's brother's laptop was discovered, because it may prove that she wasn't crazy. Unfortunately, this hasn't gotten Lindsay caught. Of course, now that she may be working with Silas, who knows how many more people will die.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for February 2016. At least there has been movement with Lindsay being the killer. I just wonder how many people will be still leaving as it seems like the cast is larger than normal at the moment.

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