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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - February 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in February 2016.

The opening credits of "Neighbours" was updated with the departure of Amber, and the dissolution of Terese and Brad's marriage.  Brad is now with Lauren, who he reconciled with and their daughter Paige. Terese has been put with Paul, so Daniel was moved with Imogen, and so siblings Piper and Josh were by themselves.

Paige paid one last time for her involvement with Michelle and Dimato. Mark arrested her on their wedding day, while wearing her dress. He found out how she tried to give away the stolen goods. They decided to not get married. Paige decided to go back to school and at first it was awkward, but it got better, while Mark was on temporary leave from the police.

Brad and Lauren are happy together, though he was staying with the Brennans for a time. He eventually moved in with Lauren and Paige. His father, Doug, came back to town, and his Alzheimer's has gotten worse. Lou decided to leave town again and help others. Daniel and Imogen got back together. Piper was heartbroken when Tyler got involved with Courtney. Courtney's father Ben was running for mayor against Sonya. Piper posted a video using Aaron's account of Ben and Courtney. This caused strife as no one knew of their relationship. Eventually Sonya won with her "I'm you" campaign. Courtney convinced Aaron to apply for a job handling Sonya's social media. Tyler became frustrated with Courtney, who moved into the Brennan house. They broke up quickly after she tried to change him.

Paul attempted to buy a cheap hotel in town to compete with Lassister's, and got help money from Steph. He also convinced Doug to give him money that was originally earmarked for Paige and Mark. Since the marriage didn't happen, Doug had some to spare. No one believed Paul that Doug willingly gave the money, but once Doug was lucid he confirmed the story. Josh was to be Doug's proxy at the development. It was also discovered that Quill planned to expand the hotel, doubling it in size and eliminating Harold's and the complex where Toadie's law office was located. This would hurt Paul's investment and wanted it to be stopped. Sonya as mayor was stuck in the middle and had to find out more about it. Some trees were also moved and environmentalists went after her. A lackey of Paul's stole blooms from the nursery until he was told he shouldn't do that.

Toadie stood by Steph in regards to her not losing custody of her son Charlie. He also started to walk with help as his surgery was successful. Charlie ran away to visit with Steph, after her mother Lyn brought him to see his mother as part of a visit. Lyn had to keep Charlie away as she didn't want to hurt her daughter's chances, but Charlie had to see her. Later, Charlie at 10 years old, traveled to see her again.

Bossy was doing better. Xanthe and Piper had issues at school. Xanthe wanted to raise money to get away. She feels like no one is ever on her side or they always leave. Gary got into a fight after being visited by Kyle, so he wasn't released from prison. This upset Xanthe. Around Kyle's birthday, he received a letter from his former wife. Due to his relationship with Amy, he didn't even read it. Sheila tried to be supportive of her granddaughter, but it was rough. Xanthe stole a paper from Brad. Piper, who was failing used the information for her gain. Later Xanthe held a party at Paul's hotel after stealing her grandmother's credit card. All of this caused, Sheila tons of stress, and she was hospitalized.

The end of the month had a heatwave and a blackout, with several people in danger. We'll see what happens. Also, will Lassiter's take over the entire complex changing the way the show looks yet again.

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