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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - December 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of December 1970.

Rico got into trouble because of Eddie Duveen from the old neighborhood. Eddie forced Rico to go to the drug room at the hospital. When Duveen went to shoot, Rico got in the way. Rico ended up getting a bullet lodged in his head. Poor Nick had to deal with having to operate on his nephew after Althea remembered reading an article that moved the bullet enough that surgery was even a possibility. Rico then got worse quickly. Thankfully Rico's surgery was a success. As a Christmas present, Althea gave Rico a stethoscope. Both Rico and Stella wish that Nick and Althea would get back together, but Nick doesn't see that as a possibility.

Dr. Gellar decided to retire due to his health issues. Matt was faced with finding a replacement for the head of psychology. Gellar suggested offering the job to Dr. Morrison, who consulting on Greta's case. Matt asked John if he would like to visit Hope Memorial after Greta had a good meeting with the therapist.

Nick got Dr. Iverson to help Mike with his medical training. Nick didn't want Mike to flunk out, and Hank was willing to do it as a personal favor to Bellini. Matt wished that Mike would have asked him for help, but was glad that someone did step in to aid his son's studies.

Carolee and Dan got married, while Steve decided to leave town to visit his son in Germany. Steve just couldn't believe it was happening and needed to get away. (Prior to the wedding, Carolee had a bridal shower, which happened off camera.) Althea wasn't originally a guest, but Carolee decided to let her come too. We didn't see Dan and Carolee's reception, and Nick and Matt skipped the event as Rico was shot during the wedding in the chapel. During Dan and Carolee's honeymoon, Carolee's thoughts went to Steve. We didn't see Carolee and Dan in bed or anything overtly sexual (before or after) thankfully. That being said Carolee didn't feel well. Carolee and Dan returned home to be with Billy and her mother at Christmas. Dan became upset, but hid it, when "Big Ben" the old clock, which didn't keep time well came to his home. He wanted everything to stay the same and just slot Carolee into his place. Thankfully, Mrs. Simpson seems to know something is wrong.

Matt gave his holiday speech at Christmas, and we saw Althea spend part of her time with the Bellinis at the hospital. Cathy and Steve hooked up on Christmas Eve, as he returned from Germany. She admitted, that she hadn't expected her actions to cause Carolee and Dan to happen.

After the holidays, Dr. Morrison was in town. We found out that he and Althea had a past. The two had a shipboard romance, and hadn't admitted to the other that they were doctors. He also was married, but now is divorced. Penny thought it would be more fun that way, when they first met. Morrison decided to move to Madison. Althea continued to doubt herself, but Nick wanted her to be strong. In the clinic, Nick saved Althea from a patient, Mrs. Clark, who was suicidal. Carolee and Steve had to deal with trying to work with one another. Instead of interacting, they wrote memos, and had an awkward interaction. She also still isn't feeling well.

Those were the highlights of December 1970. Will Carolee's health be a new story? Althea and John seem to be a "new couple" will anything come from their vacation fling?

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