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Monday, February 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - January 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during January of 2016. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Leela and Cameron are happy together, which frustrates Tegan who still misses Ziggy. Cameron held Lockie hostage and framed him. Lockie left town without sharing the truth about Cam's misdeeds. Peri helped Cam win a couple's contest with Leela at the Dog.

Diego and Myra had a bit of jealousy, but remain strong. They had a miscommunication and Diego thought Myra was interested in Nathan. She was just giving him romance lessons. They won the tango contest as Louis couldn't make it and then Zack skipped as he was helping Jade, so Simone didn't have a partner. JP had drama at the school, and Ms. St. Claire likes him in a way that doesn't make sense. Peri overheard JP and St. Claire talking so everyone knows she is trans. Peri was angry and told everyone. Eventually she admitted to her crime of defacing artwork and was suspended.

Ste and Harry are back together and Harry lives with them. Harry got into a fight with Pete as he hung around town as he has yet to have his court date for statutory rape. Harry couldn't deal with Ste's family so at the end of the month he blocked Lisa and Zack from doing anything. The faux siblings shared a kiss, but aren't together as an actual couple yet. Lisa was upset that her sister Jade has cancer. Sadly Jade found out on her 16th birthday. Her party was cancelled and everyone feels sorry for her, which is something Jade doesn't want. She drank and Zack rescued her. All the students found out she had "belly dancer" which was her and Alfie's name for her illness. Jade also had a fantasy episode, where everything she wanted to happen came true like Peri and Tom were a family and Simone and Louis were okay after they found out that Sonia was pretending to be Lisa.

Cindy was causing problems in Hollyoaks. She interrupted the wedding between Mac and Neeta with the news that the annulment wasn't real. She wanted a part of the Dog, also. Dirk was angry as was Holly. Cindy though has no idea that Alfie is her son with Mac, and Alfie wrongly believes due to a DNA test that Tony is his Dad. Holly continued to hook up with Robbie even though she was engaged to Jason. While in a hotel, she smoked some pot got a citation and now needs legal help.

To screw up Mercedes and Joe's relationship Lindsay faked a pregnancy. At least Lindsay isn't trying to kill Mercedes anymore. Mercedes went back to her family home. Trevor was freed as evidence was discovered that he couldn't have murdered all of Lindsay's victims. (It was a receipt from a pet store.) This put a crimp on Grace and Esther's romantic relationship, but Esther didn't feel Trevor should spend his life in prison as a murderer. (Silas also appeared as he visited the incarcerated Trevor, who had no idea who Silas was.) Simone was out of a job as she no longer had a client. Due to trying to suppress evidence, which would've freed Trevor, Ben was put on probation at the police station.

Nancy and Darren faced issues as he got roped into Maxine's drama with Patrick. She found her husband dead, after Nico killed him. Patrick decided he wanted to live, Nico suffocated him with a pillow after believing that Patrick outed her as a killer. Ben though was only told about how Nico was responsible for Will's fall and nothing else. Darren and Maxine ended up putting Patrick in a wall, which is now covered up, and a plaque was left nearby. The police believed he committed suicide, but Sienna has no idea what happened. She's going to lose it when she finds out what her daughter, Maxine and Darren did. Sienna wants to fight Patrick's will as everything was left to Maxine.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for January 2016. Will Lindsay be caught soon? Trevor is out of prison and someone needs to be blamed.

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