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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - October 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of October 1970.

Rico was freed after Greta remembered with the help of a truth serum. Greta now is scared of going up and down the stairs of their home due to the accident. Mike gave a backhanded apology to Rico as obviously Rico wasn't at fault for Julie's death. Rico is still considering going into medicine, but he needs to finish high school first.

Althea was back in town, and moved into the Powers house temporarily. Before Althea came back, we saw her living from hotel room to room. A lush, who was waiting for her divorce alimony, tried to befriend her. This was hard for Althea, but pushed her into action. Nick has no interest in reuniting with Althea, but perhaps he protests too much. Maggie gave up being in charge of the clinic and Althea is back in her old position. (This was a bit frustrating as again Maggie got usurped, though it was said it had to do with Greta and nothing else.)

Steve and Carolee decided to spend the weekend together. Before they went, Cathy took advantage of Steve on a night that Carolee had to work late. Steve told Carolee about seeing the other nurse, but not the extent of the visit. Cathy tried to seduce Steve, but he wasn't at all interested. While Steve and Carolee were away, Steve didn't check in enough with the hospital. At the last moment, Matt arranged for Steve to watch the birth of triplets. The kids were born, while Steve and Carolee consummated their relationship. The sex happened off camera, but they were cozy at a lodge. Meanwhile, Dan continued to try to cause issues for them. It was rather creepy, and he was manipulating Mrs. Simpson. He convinced Carolee's mom to call the lodge and nearly got her to agree to drive up for lunch to the woods. Honestly even if Carolee was there with friends, instead of Steve that would have been a major imposition. At least, Dan didn't walk in right after they slept together. Once Steve returned, he got into trouble with Matt, but Maggie figured out what was going on and said Steve deserved a life also. Shockingly Carolee even told her mother that she was with Steve after the fact. Eventually, Steve had to pay for keeping what happened with Cathy from Carolee. She came over to Steve's apartment to return his coat, which he asked her to bring to the hospital. Cathy exaggerated what happened between her and Steve. Carolee became upset, and cried to her mother. Of course, Dan was there to try and comfort her.

Anna left town as she got a position in public relations in New York City. While Matt and everyone else will miss her this is a wonderful opportunity. This marks the end of Zaida Coles time on "The Doctors". The character spent time saying goodbye to Nick and thanking him for giving her surgery allowing her to be a function outside of a hospital bed. I'll miss Anna as it was wonderful seeing a professional in the cast, who wasn't a doctor or a nurse.

Those were the highlights of October 1970. I wish that Carolee wasn't acting so paranoid, and from what I understand it is only the beginning of the strife. The fact that on screen the characters had such a short time to be happy was rather annoying. I get angst needs to occur for story, but not even three days of joy before a break up is a bit faster moving than I expected.

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