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Monday, February 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - January 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in January 2016.

Amber moved away, Josh thought about joining her, but remained in Erinsborough. Lou left town again after everything was settled as he really wasn't being chased by a drug lord. Lou had an affair with a married woman's whose husband went too far with his anger. Hopefully the Michelle and Dimato story has finally concluded. Paige was kidnapped, and then framed with stolen goods. Nate beat up Dimato after seeing Dimato hurt Michelle. Karl treated Dimato, to protect Nate, and he and Susan were threatened. Due to what happened, Nate left town after saying goodbye to his boyfriend Aaron. It is uncertain if/when he will return. Thankfully Paul was able to get back at Dimato, after the mobster wanted in on the gazebo business. The business that Paul shared with his daughter Amy was a casualty, but at least he got some loving from Terese. They were intimate off screen, but she just wants to remain friends. Brad and Lauren want to be together, but aren't back together yet. Lauren nominated Terese for businesswoman of the year. Daniel and Imogen got closer, but aren't back together even though the feelings are still there. Daniel helped Imogen found the check she lost which had the settlement on the Brennan house. They shared a kiss, they were also on opposite sides, in a lawsuit, which was settled out of court as Daniel agreed to go out to dinner with his cousin in lieu of payment of Paul's money. Daniel seemed to be happier with his new short hair and his job at Lassiter's even if he continued to be estranged from his Uncle Paul.

Toadie had surgery and Belinda was in the operating theater. Sonya freaked out and ran in, possibly jeopardizing Toadie's health. Belinda lost her job at the hospital, and Sonya felt guilty and hired her to help Toadie with physical therapy. This didn't last long as Belinda resigned, and didn't reunite with Steph. It was great that Steph received a picture of her older son. The bad news was his father's current wife wanted to adopt the boy. Toadie agreed to help her not completely lose access.

Bossy was unwell, and acted oddly biting Jimmy in the process. Amy shared this with Paul who told the authorities. It was discovered the dog had a brain tumor, and sadly Kyle didn't have enough money for surgery. Amy spoke to the vet off screen and they are going to give free gazebos to pay to save the animal. Xanthe Canning, Kyle's unknown half-sister appeared in town. She and Sheila didn't get along, but realized they were family. Gary, who was in prison, never told his older son or mother about his daughter.

Piper and Tyler got closer, but she became jealous and nearly tanked the garage. Tyler made a joke video about how badly work was done there, and she posted it online. The truth was Tyler liked Piper a bit too much since she was only 16. Brad was horrified when he found out Piper kissed Tyler. And it was kind of funny how horrified Piper was that Tyler dated not just her, but both of her sisters. Trying to get over Daniel, Imogen wanted to go out with Tyler because she thought it would be fun. Tyler was willing, but Piper didn't like it.

So there are my highlights. I became way too emotional over the potential putting down of a fictional dog on an Australian soap opera. Some tears may have come down my face, and I felt such relief that we wouldn't be losing Bossy. It is so strange, that I'm most emotionally invested in the fate of a beloved dog.

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