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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - November 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of November 1970.

Rico was being bothered from a guy from the old neighborhood in Chicago. He wanted Rico to get involved in selling drugs. While at the Bellini apartment, Martha found out what was going on and thought the teen should share what was going on with his Uncle Nick. Rico also seems to like Althea and wants to play matchmaker between Nick and his former wife.

Greta wasn't happy about Althea moving into the Powers house and into Julie's room that had been repainted. She had freak outs, and stayed in her room. When Althea bought her a Raggedy Ann doll, Greta tore it apart. That being said giving the girl a rag doll that was red potentially was a bad idea as Julie had red hair.  Instead of studying for his medical exams, Mike has been spending way too much time in the library trying to research ways to help his stepsister. Mike blames himself for Greta's illness, which caused her emotional problems that inadvertently caused Julie's demise. At the end of the month, Matt planned on taking Greta to New York City to see Dr. Morrison a specialist as they didn't know what to do with her. Greta was upset and didn't want to go even after Maggie described all the fun things one can do there.

Dr. Gellar is ill, and Althea and Nick are trying to help him. The only thing Gellar has is his work as he lost his family in Germany as they didn't survive the war. He was able to escape, but his wife and daughter weren't so lucky. 

Dan took advantage of Steve and Carolee's problems. Carolee and Dan became engaged, (though thankfully this episode didn't air due to technical issues with the original recording.) There was another episode where Steve and Nick spoke, but none of Nick's advice helped even if Steve did have a good talk with Carolee's mother. Ironically, her mother was more understanding about what happened than Carolee. Anytime, Steve does anything near her, it pushes Carolee more towards Dan. That said, a postcard came from Anna in New York City, and she and Ed have reconciled due to Carolee's comments, which had nothing to do with Dan, and everything to do with Steve. Dan became more controlling and didn't want Carolee to change a thing about his home. He also has convinced Mrs. Simpson to move in, though she doesn't seem 100% comfortable with that. Dan also was trying to get Steve out of his current position at the hospital. Matt though felt he needed to talk to Steve before doing anything else. So for now, Steve is staying put teaching the student nurses.

Those were the highlights of November 1970. Two episodes were lost due to technical problems, and there were two other regular pre-emptions, so there were less shows this month than normal. It was funny how Carolee spoke to Maggie about the idea of Billy and Greta becoming a couple as at this point the characters are being played by real life brother and sister. Also I appreciated that even though Carolee and Althea had a moment of peace, Carolee didn't consider asking Althea to her bridal shower though it was occurring in the Powers house where she is staying.

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