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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GH: Lulu and Dante End Their Marriage

February in soaps tends to be for romance, but not for General Hospital's Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) as the duo signed divorce papers during the first week of the month. The couple had been struggling for a long time, and decided to end the pain. Below are my thoughts on everything that has happened, since Dante cheated on her with Valerie (Brytni Sarpy).

A part of me is relieved that Dante and Lulu finally signed paperwork ending their marriage. Dante cheated on Lulu with her cousin Valerie as he believed, she hooked up with Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins). Dillon and Lulu had a past, but it wasn't a love relationship back then. Lulu just wanted him, and destroyed his marriage, so even without sleeping with her in some sick way Dillon did the same thing to Lulu. I wish this had been mentioned on screen. Dillon exposed Val and Dante's affair in front of everyone at the Haunted Star, though I didn't believe he did it because he loves Lulu. Val and Dillon sort of saw each other, but nothing came of it. Dante and Val also dated for a short time, but broke up due to what went on as it seemed more like a rebound than a relationship.

After everything went wrong, Lulu was surprised by her former love Johnny (Brandon Barash), who was on the run from the police again. She told him what her cousin Valerie did, and he vowed to help Lulu get revenge. Since Val had no idea who Johnny was, he was able to manipulate her by using a fake name and spending time with her.  He was going to get Val out of the police academy, as he made it look like he gave her a bribe. While in a car together, Johnny lost it, and held Val hostage. Lulu rescued Val before she was killed in a fire. Johnny took the blame for everything as he wanted to protect Lulu, as he didn't want her to get punished for trying to get back at Valerie.

Honestly, I found this frustrating, and it really didn't make me sympathize with Valerie, if anything I was frustrated that Johnny was brought back to be made more insane, but I digress. If I tried to "fix" Valerie, I'd go in one of two directions either make her a bad ass who owns her actions or someone who was remorseful and moves on into a story that has nothing to do with Dante or her cousin Lulu. Having her be in the police force and continue to interact with Dante all the time, isn't going to help as all it will do will remind me of how she took advantage of Dante's pain and slept with him.

When it comes to Lulu, I'd like her with someone new that isn't Dillon. If they decided to go with that relationship, I feel like they'd be regressing her and I'd be bored. With Dante, I'm not sure who I want him with solely as even though the cast is rather large he is related to so many characters on canvas that would be inappropriate. (Like I can't see him hooking up with Ava or Kiki as both women have history with at least two of his male relatives, even if a twisted part of me would enjoy seeing Dante being brought to the "dark" side with his father's enemy.)

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