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Friday, August 28, 2015

Thoughts about "Weight the Series"

Here is a quick write up about "Weight the Series" warning spoilers abound below the cut.

For the sake of brevity this will be done in bullet form. The 11-minute web series pilot left me with more questions than answers. Wanting to know what could potentially happen next is a positive thing. The main story is about Claire (Martha Byrne, best known as Lily on "As the World Turns") who has returned from being a contestant on a weight loss reality show called "The Weigh Off." She was extremely successful during her time away, which changes how she looks. This affects the lives of her family. This program is a dramedy and shows life after the competition, but before she knows if she won.

  • Claire and Ben (Bradley White) have been married for years and have two daughters. What was their relationship like before she went on her weight loss journey? Did they love one another? Was he settling when they were wed? Is he someone who is naturally attracted to heavier women or the kind of man who uses her weight to control her? I couldn't tell during the scenes between them if their current issues were based solely on her being away or if there were fundamental cracks in the relationship.
  • Claire and her sister Melanie (Allison Smith) certainly had a shift in their relationship. Melanie was used to being the hot and thin sibling and now Claire was both. The scene about the clothing illustrated that.
  • Speaking of Claire's clothing, a lot could be done in a humorous way. When Claire was away and losing weight, she should have gotten workout outfits. This could be done as visual comedy without even mentioning it. Just that Claire spends time around the house wearing things that are different sizes of too big, but all have a television logo. 
  • The story behind the reality show also confused me a tad. I wanted to know if any of the show aired yet. Once it does, that could be another avenue as people start to recognize Claire from the show as well as people who knew her heavier that were friends of her kids.
  • Speaking of the girls played by Peyton Ella (Jane) and Kate West (Fern), I thought how they didn't recognize their Mom was adorable. I could see them in scenes playing dress up with all of Mommy's different sized clothing. The horrified looks of the show's producer (Maitlely Weismann) were completely understandable. 
  • It was nice seeing Trent Dawson (Henry on ATWT) do a guest gig as the host of the reality show. He fits the type perfectly.
  • I wish we knew more about "The Weigh Off" as a series. Perhaps we'll get some insights later on if the show continues. Was Claire a member of a team while on the show, did she have any friends going through a similar journey?
  • Having Claire's trainer (Dee Freeman) as a regular fits in with what I know about real life diet/exercise shows. (I used to watch "The Biggest Loser" even accidentally seeing some non-US versions on cable and VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" was a guilty pleasure.) The main trainer of the contestant doesn't simply just disappear once the season is over as the contestant is still competing. The last thing "The Weigh Off" would want is to have their cast return to find out the winner having gained back all the weight. Of course, this could add to the comedy if someone won who wasn't worthy.
I liked "Weight the Series", as it felt like a complete pilot. The show was long enough to get a flavor of what it could be. I'd especially recommend it to those, who enjoy the competitive reality genre. To check out the series or learn about the cast and crew: visit their website at www.weighttheseries.com.

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