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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Soaps Stars in Other Places: Family Feud Soap Star Challenge

Here are two episodes of Louie Anderson's version of "Family Feud" with soap performers from "General Hospital" and "The Young and the Restless". They are playing for charity in the amount of 10,000.

Here is the video. Unfortunately as noted the audio isn't that great and the YouTube captioning doesn't even work. 

The GH team was playing for Camp Ronald McDonald and Y&R team was playing for St. Jude's Hospital. The GH team consisted of Real Andrews (Taggert), Amber Tamblyn (Emily), Stuart Damon (Alan), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), and Brad Maule (Tony). The Y&R team consisted of Christian LeBlanc (Michael), Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), Doug Davidson (Paul), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), and Kristoff St. John (Neil).

Both episodes aired in 1999 as Stuart Damon mentions his Emmy win in that year. The first question was name something that you see more on soaps than in real life. (This was the only soap specific question in episode one.) Sex, cheating, beautiful people, murder and rich people were the answers. Considering how many years it has been since this episode aired it amazes me how other than the late Jeanne Cooper their team could be the same as all the other actors are still on Y&R. 

The General Hospital team won the first game. Real and Stuart played fast money, and were successful at reaching 200 points for $10,000.

The second episode had the weirdness of Doug Davidson played the first part of the episode with a suit jacket with nothing underneath. I couldn't hear the reason why. Y&R played for Save the Earth (Melody's charity), while GH played for the American Lung Association and Make a Wish (Nancy's charities). The GH team was exactly the same as the first episode, while Heather Tom who was still Victoria then was playing with Y&R instead of Kristoff.   They had a second soap related question about what women wish their husband was more like a soap character. The answers were more romantic, better looking, more muscles and richer.

The Y&R team won the second game. Melody and Christian played fast money. They also won.

I'm glad that more episodes of soap people on Family Feud were found. These episodes weren't rebroadcast on GSN, so they aren't part of my personal collection, so I enjoy watching things new to me.

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