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Thursday, August 27, 2015

GH: What I Wish & What I Miss

I've done this type of post for the other US soaps, but never did one for "General Hospital". Since the show is getting new head writers, I figure it is the perfect time to talk about what I'd like to see.

What I Wish: No More Pregnancy Stories

This is something I want for all shows. That being said GH has had six babies born on canvas since Frank Valentini became show runner in 2012. From most to least recent, Olivia had a healthy baby named Leonardo, who is dead to everyone in Port Charles. Ava had a healthy baby even though Sabrina caused issues with the pregnancy. Sabrina had a baby, who wasn't strong enough to live due to a car crash, which she had blamed Ava's for, but Ms. Jerome was innocent of that crime. Rocco was born to Britt though he was biologically Dante and Lulu's child. Maxie had a baby with Spinelli named Georgie after she miscarried Dante and Lulu's embryo. From "One Life to Live", Tea had a still birth which was in a baby switch with Sam's newborn son Danny, who was also born in 2012. I have no problem with baby stories, but six in such a short time is too many, and just about everyone had a paternity issue of some sort.

What I Miss: A Moral Center

This may be a basic thing, but soaps need to be grounded in reality at times. A moral center would do that. I hope when Genie Francis returns as Laura in Autumn she is used in this capacity. During her short stint that aired this Summer, she was used well scenes with Nik and Elizabeth.

What I Wish: For Franco and Nina to be Sane at least for them

A lot of people seem to enjoy the chemistry between Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford. What is lacking for me is a good story as all they seem to be doing is going in and out of Shadybrook or the Port Charles police station. Either allow them to be "saner" or have them say goodbye. They could be the "bad couple" that everyone else in town barely tolerates, but has to deal with and since Nina is "rich" this could be easily accomplished.

What I Miss: The Cops Being Good - The Mob Being Bad

This again may seem obvious, but when we last saw Anna she killed Carlos, the man who was responsible for Duke's death. This needs to be fixed somehow as while I get why she would want revenge, I'm not a fan of her killing in cold blood. Having the public officials be corrupt like the mayor and the current police chief Jordan being seen as a villain to her own son is annoying. I understand why TJ would be angry with his mother, but having TJ see Sonny as a hero is frustrating. Seriously, the reason TJ doesn't have his surrogate (though really biological Dad Shawn) is because he was covering for Sonny. Of course, Sonny wasn't guilty and Nik shot Hayden, but that's besides the point. For the record, I have no problem with some people on Sonny's side like his actual family, though I really enjoyed the feud with Michael.

What I Wish and Miss: For Characters to Not Disappear for Weeks and Stories with More Interconnection

If GH's canvas shrinks this will probably happen. While I have no problem with people just appearing every once in awhile the show needs to stick to it. Don't say we have a great romance between certain characters when they're just glorified extras. If we're only going to see certain characters at the Nurses' Ball and don't even mention them the rest of the year, have them either out of town or moved to another part of General Hospital. It is rather frustrating to wait to see a character and then have them disappear. Felicia running for mayor and then the story is under five episodes is not the way to tell a story on a soap as ultimately you annoy both the people who like the character who would have wanted to see the character and those who don't like the character for giving them material that made little sense.

Anyway those are things I wish for and miss on General Hospital. We'll see what happens with the show in the coming months. I hope for the sake of its viewership the ratings improve or else I'm concerned we won't have it on the air much longer.

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