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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - July 2015

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in July 2015.

Amber and Daniel broke up because the love is gone. It was a bloodless end to their romantic relationship though Amber had no interest in returning to Josh. Meanwhile, Daniel started to realize he had feelings for Imogen that weren't sisterly. Imogen didn't believe him, and started to date Casper. Other than how he had a beard, he was a lot like Daniel into social justice and wanting to start a community like Daniel had been a part of with Rain. Earlier in the month, due to Imogen's interference, Josh was without a job. Imogen faked romantic interest in Josh's drug dealing boss, but nearly was injured in the process. He found a new one with Aaron: as the both were now a team of exotic dancer. Naomi gave him some help, and later Josh and Aaron danced at the Waterhole. Amusingly Imogen and Casper were on their first date. While Caspar was horrified, Daniel and Imogen found it hilarious. Josh and Amber were glad to find out while their baby was sick, it was not an extreme case. Amber was going to stay in Australia. Online Josh befriended Amber, and made believe he was another pregnant mother. They spoke to each other throughout the month.

The Dimato stuff hopefully concluded as Tyler tried to help the cops catch the criminals. Paige's involvement was mentioned due to Bailey, though nothing happening to him as he was off screen. Tyler was nearly caught more than once, but eventually Mark saved the day.

Paige and Mark were back together, and Tyler was upset. He had planned to tell Paige his feelings, but was too late. Later Paige admitted to Mark that she and Tyler had a real moment together in the well, though they never were really a couple. Mark and Tyler got along again, but due to Paige convincing Mark to call his father things fell a bit apart. The Brennan father got along well with Mark, but not Aaron or Tyler. Naomi thought that Sheila should date the Brennan's Dad.

Karl and Susan's grandson Ben was back in Erinsborough. He and Tyler became fast friends as Ben told Tyler what happened in his awful break up. There was an embarrassing online video and Ben left all social media. Ben didn't want to tell his family what happened. Tyler took Ben out of town on his motorcycle, and Ben lied that Karl and Susan knew they were away. Ben said he sent a text, but Aaron and Nate went around looking for them. The fact they were interacting was a big deal after what happened earlier in the month. Aaron and Nate's awkward relationship continued as they both got locked into a Lassiter's display. They had to spend hours together, and Nate kissed Aaron to help out Naomi. This whole event went viral and people believed they were dating.

Paul has to get a new assistant as Naomi left because of their romantic relationship. Naomi nearly cost Lassiter's a job from Paige's adoptive mother Mary as Naomi had a past with friends of her client. Terese ended up arranging the event. At the end of the month, Paul offered the job to his daughter Amy so she's stay in town. Amy had been working with Kyle, but things became strained between them. Kyle's married and they had a "moment" that was nearly inappropriate.

The secrets that everyone gave Sonya became a source of blackmail material for young Jimmy. He used the information to get Karl and Susan to do what he wanted. Eventually Amy found out and was upset with her son. Jimmy lied and then read Sheila's note. He demanded desserts and such from Sheila. Eventually she had enough and hit him. This didn't endear her to anyone, though once Jimmy's behavior was discovered they understood her frustration. Jimmy got the ultimate revenge though as he told his Granddad Paul, that Sheila wrote if she was younger she would have pursued Paul. She felt that Paul was the perfect man. Since Paul is dating Sheila's daughter Naomi, this makes things uncomfortable though Naomi has no idea what nearly happened. Since Sheila was down in the dumps, Naomi and the other Erinsborough ladies held a crone event. They wore flower crowns and thanked her for her wisdom.

Toadie and Sonya also had to deal with the terrible twos as Nell was causing problems. First, she became a biter and attacked people. Thankfully Amber figured out that Nell's game about bees was the culprit. (Nell started to play that game after being stung due to Susan's suggestion.) Later in the month, Amy accidentally put Nell's favorite bear in the recycling. Nell was being punished and the bear was put away, in a place that looked like rubbish. Nell couldn't sleep and kept her parents up all night. Kyle and Amy worked together to try and retrieve the bear, but failed. Kyle remembered the memorial service, he had as a child over a lost toy. Sonya and Toadie thought this was a great idea, and Nell said goodbye to her beloved bear. The couple though still needs to decide whether or not to allow their daughter to go to daycare.

Paige and her adoptive mother Mary got along better though she left for Singapore without Paige. Terese had convinced Mary to fight for a relationship with the daughter she raised. Part of the reason Mary detached from Paige, was she found out the girl had been kidnapped. Paige misunderstood the reason why for all these years and blamed herself. Brad and Lauren kissed again, after Paige worried that the Dimato group was going after her. Terese also told Brad and Lauren how Paige tried to reunite her parents. Later Sheila discovered that Terese was stealing alcohol from the restaurant though at first she believed Nate was guilty.

Those are the highlights for the month of July 2015 of Neighbours. A lot happened this month, so hopefully my write up isn't that confusing even if it isn't 100% sequential.

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