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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - July 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during July of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Ben and Sienna are having issues as Ben is lying to her. Ben left town without explaining why after Sienna broke in to find out why he was seeing someone else. He has an adult daughter named Carly, who is also Jack's goddaughter, that is suffering from addiction. Her dealer is going after her, and Ben is giving her "fake" witness protection. Since Ben spent the night talking with Jack, Sienna believes that Ben is involved with Nancy. Carly escaped from where Ben was keeping her and stole Frankie's bag. Pete caught her, and he was given hours working at the pub. Later Nancy and Sienna fought, and Sienna has drugged her. 

Maxine found out Patrick's secret after Theresa left his loft. Patrick fell and he couldn't get up from the ground. Since Patrick is dying and Maxine knows, he had to finally agree to share custody. Darren was extremely surprised that Maxine would be generous with Patrick after everything that happened. Inspired by Darren's cab company, Maxine started one of her own named after her daughter Minnie. This service is advertised as a woman driving for women with children in a bright pink vehicle.

Phoebe's funeral took place. Robbie gave a eulogy and spoke about how he and Phoebe had planned to marry. The song "Seventy" played as that is what they had planned to dance to at their wedding. With Phoebe barely in the ground, Robbie and Nancy fell back into a relationship. They were together, and things were awkward. Robbie babysat for her kids and Charlie tested his patience. Smartly Robbie called Jason and together they were able to care for Nancy's two boys. 

Holly and Jason got engaged, but Holly isn't ready to marry anytime soon. Jason still had to deal with Cindy's advances. He gave a key to Cindy to the Roscoe home, and one night Cindy came over sleeping with Robbie. The next day, Cindy went to the police station in a wedding dress. She was clearly no longer using her medication. Drik was horrified over Cindy's latest slip. Holly had enough of being good, and went to a party. She used drugs, blacked out, and was found by Celine the next morning. Robbie lied to protect Jason, and blackmailed his brother to steal evidence implicating him in Wayne's robbery. Wayne was Lisa Loveday's boyfriend, but more on him later. Robbie gave the $6,000 to Nancy to pay bills. When she discovered how Robbie got the money, she was upset with him again.

The Lovedays dealt with Lisa arriving in Hollyoaks and then her leaving again. Simone made a comment, which made her daughter leave. At the school, they did a dance routine to try to get Lisa to come home. Zack became really upset and finally told Louis what happened. Eventually Lisa was found with Wayne's help, but he only cared about the money. He was abusive to Lisa and wanted her to leave her family again. Zack convinced her to stay, which was a positive thing. 

Ziggy found out that Tegan was hiding Rose. He allowed her to believe that he was going to run away with her. Tegan told everyone she acted alone sparing Scott jail time. Once Tegan was arrested, the baby went into care. Leela was incredibly upset her sister could do this and that Ziggy knew. (She didn't realize that Ziggy was trying to get Tegan to turn herself into the police.) That said, Leela punished Tegan by giving Rose to Tony and Diane. While in lock-up Tegan said that her so-called family would pay for what they did. Peri wasn't around for any of this as she went out of town. She and Tom decided to give their soon-to-be born baby to Peri's relatives who don't live in Hollyoaks and cannot have children. Frankie tried to stop this, but gave up on her quest. 

Cleo and Pete had a relationship that was inappropriate. He was manipulating her in a sexual manner eventually raping her. If Cleo didn't oblige, he wouldn't return to her mother, Reenie, who continued a roller coaster addiction. Pete decided to propose to Reenie, and Cleo felt trapped. Porsche has no clue what is going on with Pete and Cleo or her husband Lockie and John Paul. Due to Porsche's issues, John Paul and Lockie fell into bed and continued an affair. Lockie thought about leaving his wife, for her cousin. John Paul, though broke it off, after he saw Lockie with his sister Mercedes. Mercedes is pregnant with Joe's kid after she decided not to have an abortion. Joe is still in the hospital unable to walk, but he wants to be there for his child. Her friend Lindsay knows about the pregnancy, but not about Joe being the biological father. 

Trevor found out that Dylan was still dressing up in woman's clothes. Eventually Dylan decided to dress "normally" for his father's sake, which smoothed things over between them. Trevor wanted Dylan out, but now couldn't do anything. Esther had Grace and Trevor's baby with only Sinead there to deliver him. She went into labor a month early as Kim drugged her. Kim wanted Grace and Trevor to break up now, and Esther to sign over the baby before she knew about Grace and Kim's affair. Esther was a victim of the gloved hand killer, but survived the heart attack. She's out of town, and the baby's custody is still uncertain.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for July 2015. I'm absolutely horrified over what is going on with Cleo. That is the point, I suppose, but still upsetting.

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