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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

B&B: Rick and Maya Married

Today (August 12, 2015), Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosely) finally got married. The duo said "I do" in the Forrester living room. Below I'll give my thoughts on the nuptials and everything else that happened at the ceremony.

Rick and Maya were surrounded by friends and family on their wedding day, which aired over four episodes.That being said there were empty chairs in the audience, so some people must have had to skip it. Rick's best man was his father Eric (John McCook). Bridget (Ashley Jones) came from New York City to support the couple, but none of his other siblings were in attendance. Rick's cousin Zende (Rome Flynn), who has an interest in Maya's sister also appeared. Bridget spent most of her time with their mother Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Rick's Aunt Katie (Heather Tom) and her husband Bill (Don Diamont) were there as well and Bill apologized for the trouble he gave Rick and Maya. Maya had her sister Nicole (Reign Edwards) as her maid of honor. Her mother Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) and father Julius (Obba Babtundé) walked her down the aisle. Maya's former boyfriend Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) was a guest and didn't have to officiate the ceremony for a change. Nick (Scott Turner Schofield) did the honors as a friend of the couple.

The wedding didn't start on time due to Maya overhearing Julius' comments about her life. Julius tried to accept his son becoming his daughter, but it hadn't happened yet. He felt the ceremony was a joke. After Nicole comforted Maya, the ceremony began. Maya acted like everything was fine, though it was not. As Nick was talking about acceptance and the families of the marrying couple, Maya had to stop the wedding. Maya confronted her father. She asked him to tell the truth. He did and explained how Myron, his father, couldn't accept his grandchild. He cut Julius off, took his son's job away and inheritance. This scene was truly awful. It showed exactly why Julius couldn't accept Maya for who she is. Everyone was surprised, and Julius cried while recalling what happened. Vivienne chose to stand by Maya and stayed for her daughter's wedding. She admitted pushing her child away had been extremely difficult for her. After 35 years of marriage, she was choosing Maya over her husband. After all this emotion, Rick and Maya wed. The vows were sweet. The readings were done by Maya's mother and sister. Eric also gave a speech about the couple. The episode ended with the couple sharing their first kiss as a married duo.

I really enjoyed the wedding material, but wish we'd have seen more of it without other stories. Usually I wish that B&B would tell more stories, so this surprised me. I hope that Maya and Rick have a good honeymoon and don't disappear again as they are happy together.

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