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Saturday, September 15, 2012

B&B: Goodbye Ridge

Friday, September 14, 2012 marked the last episode that Ronn Moss is portraying the role he created of Ridge Forrester on The Bold & The Beautiful. He was in the part from the first year, and had decided to leave.

As a goodbye to the character of Ridge, he and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) got married again at Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Eric's (John McCook) home. Ridge and Brooke have wed so many times that photos of their marriages filled the mantelpiece. More than one episode started with those pictures, which was appreciated. The only curious thing was that the last flashback montage wasn't with Ridge, but with Stephanie and Brooke. While their adversarial relationship has been one of the most memorable things on B&B as they fight over Ridge, no clips with him were included and he's the one who is departing the program.

Nearly the entire regular cast was at the wedding except for Ridge's brother Thorne (Windsor Harmon) and his former wife Taylor (Hunter Tylo). They are involved, and it was nice seeing them together on screen and Thorne left before the wedding with his brother's blessing. The show even shared a montage of Ridge and Taylor moments.

Brooke's daughter Hope and Ridge's son Thomas (Adam Gregory) were the maid of honor and best man respectively. This is significant for two reasons: Thomas still has feelings for Hope even if he is dating Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) and how Thomas took advantage of Brooke causing the last marriage between Brooke and Ridge to fail. Having him in the wedding, showed there was forgiveness. Brooke wore white, and during the ceremony the guests were allowed to speak. Brooke's youngest sister Katie (Heather Tom) spoke as did Stephanie. Thomas and Hope both did readings for the happy couple. Rick (Jacob Young) had the rings, as Thomas forgot them at work. During the vows, Brooke made a sexual pun unintentionally, and Ridge's comments were sweet. Throughout this Brooke was crying and I couldn't help wondering if some of the tears were KKL's about how this being the last major scene she and Ronn would be taping together. More than once, there were references how this will be their last wedding ever, and that is apt.

The toast was given by Steffy and Thomas, but later Hope also felt the need to make a speech. Ridge surprised everyone telling them they were going on a long honeymoon. Before they left, Eric and Stephanie gave Brooke and Ridge a last wedding photo. It was placed on the mantle with the others, and I wondered how they got it printed so quickly. Perhaps one of the staff, was able to print it elsewhere in the mansion.The last scene was of Brooke and Stephanie telling each other that they love one another.

My favorite line of the week though was when Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) stated that today wasn't about her, Hope (Kim Matula) or Liam (Scott Clifton). As most people who watch B&B regularly realize that the triangle among those three characters is the A story of the program, it was cool to see an acknowledgment on screen.

That said watching these episodes was surreal. I really don't want B&B to bring anyone else in to play the part as they will have an uphill battle. I just can't even imagine anyone else as Ridge. All of the memories made me nostalgic and I feel like it is an end of an era for B&B.

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elizabeth harrison said...

I so agree no one can ever replace Ronn Moss as Ridge and he is the best actor i have ever seen and believe me i have seen a lot of soap actors come and go over the yrs. He will be very missed as he brought the character too life in every seen he was in . His energy those stern chiseled jaws of his those mesmerizing eyes that kept every woman in America glued to the TV. Will never fade in my mind. I will now just to too his new adventure in his life his music. As i loved him way back with player and love they are playing again Thank you Ronn I shall see you on a concert stage soon im sure. Till then i have my memories.