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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Days: Jack and Eve's Marriage Implodes

Days of Our Lives' Eve Deveraux was desperate to hold on to her husband Jack. Below are my thoughts about how she finally lost him.

Eve realized that the only way Jack would probably stay with her is if he didn't recall his past. She kept the serum, which could probably bring his memories away from him for months. Initially after the medicine was discovered again, he didn't want the treatment. Then he realized even with the risks he did if only to remember his adult children Abby and JJ. Eve acted like she was on Jack's side, but plotted and gave him a placebo. Then she had all the paperwork destroyed, which could recreate the treatment along with the serum. Now Jack was stuck and probably will never remember.

I'm glad that Eve's plot to keep Jack without his memory was discovered quickly. We didn't have weeks of Jack thinking he would get his memory back and nothing happened. Instead he found out what she did, and let her have it. She didn't just lose her marriage, but he also fired her from her job as police commissioner.

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