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Monday, July 1, 2019

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - June 2019

Below is my June entry about "Neighbours" for 2019.

Elly and Mark aren't back together. Sean decided to return to Europe until the baby is born. Liz came to visit, and Elly went away with her.  Karl and Susan have been ostracized a bit due to having Finn live with them. Finn volunteered as a teacher for adult education as Toadie relented.

Kyle and Gary bid on fixing Karl's train. Karl decided to let them both due the work together, but this was not a great idea. Kyle and Gary fought, and Amy was put in charge when Karl went out of town. Kyle fell off a lift or something like that and was hospitalized.

Vance left town after the mess with the horse Rhapsody in Red was discovered. Terese made him leave Roxy, and Roxy found out about their past. Paul was not happy about any of this, and Roxy started drinking a lot to feel better. Leo let Roxy live with him while David and Aaron were away on an international trip. Chloe was jealous of Pierce and his new girlfriend Ebony. Ebony had a secret, an ill sister, and Chloe thought she was taken advantage.

Yashvi and Ned started dating after his breakup with Bea as Bea got closer to Finn. Earlier in the month, Ned paid for Bea to have studio time to record her music. Ned was on community service due to what happened with Finn's former boss.

Andrea was back in town, and she had a secret again. Her mother took over her place, and Willow was going to finish senior year in Erinsborough. Andrea was hypnotized and was remembered a redhaired woman. Dipi wanted to get involved in tracking Dee down based on Andrea's somewhat false information, but Toadie got upset for the interference again.

Those were the highlights of June 2019. The Andrea/Dee situation is still not really any closer to being resolved.

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