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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Days: Inside Salem Days of Our Lives Podcast Episode 20

Episode 20 of Inside Salem Days Of Our Lives podcast aired. Below are my thoughts

The main interview was with Brandon Barash (Stefan). The scenes of the week were Claire saying goodbye and going to Bayview, and Stefan being framed for the kidnapping of Ted and Kate. The second was a chat with Freddie Smith (Sonny) with the backstage acting coach at the program: Maria O'Brien.

The Brandon interview had a bit about Stefan, and some about Brandon himself and his Instagram. There was talk about how he was a recast on Days, and about how on "General Hospital" he was not part of a core family, and everyone he was related to on that program was gone. Sex scenes where mentioned and how they accidentally made catsup.

The interview with Freddie Smith and the acting coach could have been longer. That said I was a bit shocked that Freddie only learned about putting color in performances at Days. Part of acting is being expressive. I did like how it was mentioned by the acting coach how the cast of Days is more generations than most other shows.

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