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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Days: Thoughts about Theo's Shooting

Days of Our Lives is doing its first topical story in a long time. Below are my thoughts about what has happened so far.

Theo, on Kate's instruction, was breaking into a building so he could access the server. He was discovered by Lani and JJ, and they ran after him. Lani and JJ enjoying each other in bed after her surprise birthday party, in which JJ did at least have one beer. Theo's head was covered, so he wasn't as easily recognizable. JJ found him, but didn't realize it was his girlfriend's brother. JJ asked Theo to drop the weapon, and probably due to his autism and knowing the scanner wasn't a weapon didn't put it down when asked. JJ thinking he was about to be shot, shot his gun. He only realized it was Theo after the fact, as far as we know.

Only Tripp knows that anything was going in between Theo and Kate. Everyone was blaming Andre, who said he was not guilty of anything having to do with Theo being at this warehouse. Only Abby believed him at first, and Chad is worried over his nephew. Claire is falling apart, and fainted over the news, (please don't be pregnant.)

Abe is horrified over his son being shot for good reason. He didn't understand how it could happen, of course this happening explains why JJ was reinstated to quickly, or else this story couldn't have occurred. Abe is angry about the entire Horton family, and feels that if Theo is permanently injured or dead, that his relationship with them is dead. Valerie did the surgery with Kayla assisting. Theo is now in a coma, and everyone is worried he won't wake up ever again.

So far, I've been enjoying this as much as someone can enjoy a story that is so sad. So perhaps enjoy is not the right word, I appreciate how it is being told, and the performances. This is one of those times, I wish Ciara was around, as a Horton, and Theo's best friend she would have felt torn also. I understand Abe turning his back on Jennifer's family, but will he also cut Hope out of his life, who is also a Horton, and friend of even longer standing? I want this to continue, as I like having a serious story to go along with the more comical return of Will.

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