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Friday, April 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - March 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in March 2016.

Steph had a party with a group of her friends at the hotel. Paul threw them out, and when Steph wasn't there, they stole Paul's prosthetic leg, so he was stuck in bed. Mark got involved with Steph, which upset Paige, as she still wasn't fully over her former fiance. Charlie came to visit, and he got along well with Mark. Thankfully, the custody situation has been settled and Steph and Max will share the boy. Sonya felt weird about Mark and Steph, as she felt she had to share her best friend with her husband's best friend. Honestly though, this would make great double dates as all four people could chat with each other. Toadie is walking with braces now. Mark and Steph weren't happy together long as Steph asked for help to get cheaper liquor. Her friend, Jacka gave her stolen goods, and Mark saw them.

Doug's condition got worse and he accidentally hurt Piper, earlier he hit on Lauren thinking she was someone else. He also had been out with Susan, and she passed out during the heatwave. Thankfully he remembered her, and she got the help she needed. The Willis family looked into putting him in a home, but he didn't like the idea. Amy's mother Nene, a nurse, gave him home care. She started having feelings for Karl, wanting to sing with him and prove her worth.  Karl had rescued her, during the heatwave.  To look good, she lied about Doug and later made believe, she was his wife Pam. This all came out, and Nene lost her job. Paul decided to give Nene work at his new hotel Robinson's. Terese and Paul shared a kiss in the dark during the heatwave. For now she just wants to be friends. 

Sonya being mayor caused stress for her family. Aaron ended up being her assistant, but things went awry when Tom became interested in him. It wasn't innocent, as Tom believed Aaron could be bought, so he dated the other man under false pretenses. Aaron got the report about Lassister's expansion, and Tom changed the information to make it favorable for the hotel expansion. Sonya wasn't happy, because she agreed to the construction without getting the facts. Thankfully, Aaron was able to get Tom to admit what he did, and recorded it. This scandal means Aaron has to move on, but at least he wasn't complicit.

Out of frustration, Kyle called child services while Sheila was in the hospital. His grandmother was livid, he would do this to their family. He felt guilty as he had no idea that this would happen. Once Sheila was better, Xanthe and Piper competed for a job at Harold's. Piper was the more skilled waitress, but Sheila interfered so her granddaughter got the position. Sheila would pay part Xanthe's salary. During an event hosted by Harold's, Xanthe's organic mayonnaise poisoned everyone. Later in the month, Xanthe ran into Katherine Kelly Lang (aka Brooke on "The Bold and the Beautiful"). They spoke about how Xanthe's mother Brooke, loved her character and they would watch it together. Kelly (as she prefers to be called) gave Xanthe a caftan to give to her mom. Not knowing what was going on, Sheila interrupted rudely, but realized it was a good thing after all. Once Ben returned to Erinsborough, Xanthe looked interested in him. She created a mixed drink and Karl and Susan discovered them.

Piper's former boyfriend Brodie Chaswick came to town. He was a swimmer, that used to be trained by Brad. He and Josh were pals until Brodie lied about Josh doping. Brad agreed to be Brodie's coach again, and Josh wanted to help. What they didn't know was that Piper had dated Chas, when they both lived in North America. Everyone was upset about not knowing. An argument happened, and Chas decided to get trained by someone else as Brad felt he would never make it at the Olympic trials. Chas convinced Piper to leave with him. Eventually, she didn't want to go, and sent a text to Tyler who rescued her.

Imogen missed Daniel. She had a sex dream about Tyler, who she dated for a very short time. There was also how Imogen saw Tyler's privates, when he decided to dress up for a fun run as Braveheart, as he wasn't wearing any underwear under his kilt. Tyler later propositioned Imogen, but she said no. He didn't actually want to sleep with her, but it was a test. Daniel felt that Imogen and he should have a break as she never had another serious relationship in her life.

Kyle and Amy had to deal with the specter of his wife Georgia. She sent Kyle a letter, wanting him back, which both Amy and Sheila had read. The letter was destroyed before Kyle could read it, but he was upset with both of them.

The month of April, will have a first for "Neighbours", a special stunt, with an hour-long episode with people in danger. Let's hope it is as good as advertised.

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