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Thursday, April 28, 2016

GH: Six Random Thoughts - April 2016

Here are my six random thoughts about "General Hospital" as of late.

  1. Lulu and Dante are getting back together after being divorced for about five minutes. I don't get the point of it except they have run out of ideas. How frustrating is that? They could have had them separate, without having to do the divorce paperwork. That said, since they were married in the Catholic Church and didn't have an annulment in that way they're still wed.
  2. Kiki and Dillon came out of nowhere and now seem to be the newest ship to set sail at least in the corner of social media I'm seeing. I like that they are a new thing and have no baggage except for the fact their parents screwed around and don't like one another. Considering Kiki having Ava as a mother, most everyone doesn't like her only living parent.
  3. Monica is back as the chief of staff at General Hospital. I don't know if it will give the character more story or not, but at least it means no more weird holiday episodes with Liesel O scaring the kids. Having it be Tracy's fault makes it even better.
  4. Jason got ELQ back for the Quartermaines, and Michael has taken charge again. Why is Michael not at work or at least celebrating his success. It was great to see Ned on screen again too. I want to see some business or at least activity at the office.
  5. Jason and Sam are back together after signing divorce papers too. Jake hates his guts, which is somewhat understandable, because well he looks like Lucky. Was the DNA wrong, doubtful, but the recast is amusing for that reason. That said most kids would get upset if they were given a puppy and then told they couldn't keep them.
  6. I'm still not sure what I think about Kristina's sexuality or the writing of the story. I get that she is "questioning", but it depends on how it goes.  And while I appreciated the idea that Morgan would like that Kristina is a screw up, the fact she was attracted to a woman doesn't make her one. 
So that's what I'm thinking about GH at least this evening. Some of the other plots I'm still processing like Anna's situation or why Maxie is obsessed with Claudette. 

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